Properly installed outside the clip type ultrasonic flowmeter procedures and related schematic diagram

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-10
Flowmeter measurement in industrial production, in addition to the normal stationary pipe type of flow measurement devices, also often encounter some does not apply to pipe installation, or are temporary, mobility of the flow measurement requirements, in this case the clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter can have a place, because of the ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of non-contact measuring instrument, can be used to measure difficult to contact, observation of fluid flow and reduce the amount of runoff. It will not change the flow of the fluid, won't produce pressure loss, and easy to install, so widely welcomed. However, more stringent conditions of the installation of the ultrasonic flowmeter, installation method is correct or not also has an important influence for measurement data. The following for a friend to introduce the relevant: outer clamp type sensor ( That is two probes) Installation in general there are two kinds of circumstances, is installed 'V' type and Z respectively. DN200mm - Z method 6000 mm pipes preferred choice in Z, signals or poor quality of measurement is less than the V method also can choose the Z method. Installed between two sensors along the pipe axis vertical distance is equal to the distance, installation and ensure that the two sensors on the same shaft surface, and pay attention to launch direction must be relatively ( Two sensors direction took) 。 Because Z method is ultrasonic in the medium dissemination direct sending and receiving, signal without reflection, thus attenuation of signal intensity is small. So, Z method, with the high signal intensity, the characteristics of reliable operation. DN15mm - V method Choose V 200 mm pipe first, and when installation will clip type ultrasonic flowmeter two sensors horizontal alignment, the center line parallel to the pipe axis, and pay attention to launch direction must be relatively ( Two sensors direction took) 。 V method is easy to use, the characteristics of the measuring accuracy. For diameter less than DN50mm pipe installation precision is higher, please pay attention to the signal strength and signal quality, transmission time several parameters than that. 2. Input parameter measurement, before starting the measuring installation distance need to initial setup of flowmeter, usually 10 & ndash; Menu item by item set (26 Selection of M39 menu with multiple languages) , set up after the completion of the installation of sensors available in M25, this distance refers to the inside edge of the distance, the two sensors and install sensors according to the data. 3. Processing point outside the clip type ultrasonic flowmeter sensor installation point two, divided into sensors upstream and downstream sensors. In dealing with the two mounting points, a processing area of the installation points and the probe size can, another processing area should be the size of the probe of the installation points 2, 3 times ( To install the point as the center) In order to debug the signal. * to be outside the tube sensor installation area clean, remove rust and paint. Rust layer should also be removed, if any, to use grinding machine polishing metallic luster, and then use clean cloth to wipe the grease and dirt. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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