Pressure transmitter manufacturers engineer about its products the actual application in the secondary water supply industry

by:KAIDI     2021-02-11
At present, in order to prevent the influence of water, urban residents are not allowed to install negative pressure supply network, also pressure pump life and production of our factory are not allowed to be directly used in city management network, the pressure transmitter manufacturers engineer pointed out that it does not need to use pipeline system pressure control, in order to solve the problem of water supply equipment, it can be in the absence of negative pressure is connected to the city water, also do not affect other users of the water. When municipal tap water under a certain pressure into the surge tank, tank of air through the vacuum offset voltage compensation. Variable frequency constant pressure water supply system is mainly composed of the PLC control unit, inverter, pump motor, water supply network, water storage tank and pressure sensors. Constant pressure water supply pump station adopts multiple pump motor, according to water consumption in operation. As a result, a single pump motor power is not big, have a spare pump for constant maintenance in the system. The operation of the pump volume is controlled by PLC, motor speed controlled by frequency converter, to meet the needs of different water consumption. Pressure transmitter is negative pressure water supply equipment, and one of the main parts in the variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment, from the original pressure gauge upgraded to a pressure sensor for long distances, long before the pressure gauge is not only the whole water supply system is not stable, and often need to change, so the cost of after-sales service, and the use of pressure sensor not only can easily solve the problems of water supply is not stable at the same time, but also can reduce the cost of the same water supply. By installing on the water supply network and high sensitivity pressure switch and pressure sensors, pressure change of water supply pipe network detection in water consumption change, and will change on the continuous signal transmitted to the microcomputer. According to the different operation state, dynamic control compensation amount, dynamic pressure balance, ensure constant pressure water supply pipe network, to meet the needs of the user. In fact, the pressure transmitter according to the output signal is divided into: pressure sensor and pressure transmitter, and whether amplifier installed in the body. At the same time, according to whether can measure the corrosive medium, to adapt to the environment, can be divided into: general type and isolation type, according to the different signal into current type pressure sensor: general for 4 ~ 20 mA; And the voltage signal type pressure sensor: 0 to 12 v. Heidi is the secondary water supply industry of professional manufacturer of sensors. Products are exported to at home and abroad, and with a number of water supply equipment manufacturers set up long-term, stable relations of cooperation. Our products cover a variety of applications, such as no negative pressure water supply equipment, frequency conversion water supply equipment, constant pressure water supply equipment, secondary water supply equipment, single pump frequency conversion water supply equipment, intelligent pump room, such as urban water supply pipeline pump station of secondary water supply industry manufacturers of professional sensor waterproof, dustproof and frequency interference. Our products with advanced technology, compact structure, reliable quality, to adapt to the environment. Welcome calls to discuss cooperation!
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