Leap in science and technology to guide how to install and use correctly input type static pressure gauge

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-24
RZ series static input type level gauge is based on the measured liquid static pressure is proportional to the height of the liquid in the principle of using diffusion silicon or ceramic piezoresistive effect of sensitive element, the static pressure into electrical signals. After temperature compensation and the linear correction. Is transformed into 4 - 20 madc standard current signal output. RZ series static input type level gauge good stability, high precision and sensor parts can be directly into the liquid, transmitter part available flange or bracket, convenient in installation. Solid state structure, no moving parts, high reliability, long service life from water and oil to high-precision measurements, larger paste viscosity can not be measured medium blister, deposition, the influence of the electrical characteristics of wide range of temperature compensation. Static input type level gauge has the power supply reverse polarity protection and overload current limit protection. Static input type level gauge use and installation of the notice: 1. Liquid level transmitter should be restored the original packing, transportation, storage in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. 2. Use found abnormal, should turn off the power and stop using, check 3. Welding power supply connection should be in strict accordance with the wiring instructions. Static input type level gauge to install: level gauge shall be installed in the stillness of the deep well, sink, usually the bore diameter & Phi; About 45 mm steel pipe ( Different height to play several holes, so that the water flow into the tube) Fixed in the water, and then static input type level gauge can be used in the steel pipe. The installation of the transmitter is in the vertical, the inputting type installation position should be far away from the liquid accesses and blender. In the use of larger vibration occasions, but in the transmitter coil wire, using steel wire suspension, so as to avoid tensile cables. Measuring flow or stirring the liquid level, usually the bore diameter & Phi; About 45 mm steel pipe ( Different heights on the opposite side of the liquid flow to play several holes, so that the water flow into the tube) Fixed in the water, and then static input type level gauge can be used in the steel pipe. Humidity sensor probe, PT100 sensor electric heating tube, stainless steel, cast aluminum heater, heating coil electromagnetic valve on static pressure input type level gauge how the solution to solve the problem of anti-interference, input type level gauge good stability, high accuracy, installation is very convenient. In daily use will be affected by many factors. To enable users to better use input type level gauge, the following will be related methods to share with you. * everyone using the traditional method to solve the first but not very good effect. For the traditional method is the measuring equipment on a small tank of liquid level, the pressure transmitter detector installed in the bottom of the tank, sex of sensor line is good. But there is a problem, when water tank with water flow down, can make the following pressure oscillation is larger. Analysis data, take out a data in 1 second, the motion of the display is large, which has the correct values; With 10 ms took out a number of average, the effect is not good. How to solve? Avoid liquid low pressure probe directly, or with other objects blocking liquid mean when the moment it is ok to directly impact pressure; At the same time can put water inlet into the shower, put a big water spraying down, cut into small water effect is good. Bend the inlet pipe mouth, slightly upwards water inlet, water as * in out into the air and then fall first, reduced the direct impact ( Converting kinetic energy into potential energy) 。 In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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