Leap in science and technology cooperation with Siemens agent to create more value for customers

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-25
As a * * enterprises engaged in industrial production process instruments, embellish of instrument science and technology in the production and sale of for many years, often need to purchase the products of our company as well as to buy a certain number of domestic import instrumentation products, and hope in a company with a package solution, in the past we practice often goes directly to the customer we can't provide, or to assign it a sales opportunity another has the ability to meet the demand of customers such counterparts. So, our company lost a lot of opportunities, and often, sorry for not able to meet the needs of users. Sales opportunities are so rare, but we miss the good opportunity, according to the situation of the market, the sales bottleneck has the time to have to be solved. Close, embellish of instrument science and technology actively contact the Siemens Shanghai agency, and sent the company's engineering and procurement departments of personnel to the agent has carried on the on-the-spot investigation, after the company repeatedly certification, with the Shanghai Siemens agent distribution agreement. Company has obtained the franchise various varieties and specifications of the Siemens process instruments, specific liquid level transmitter, ultrasonic flowmeter, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, and other products, this means that from now on, our company can provide customers with excellent quality of Siemens series process instrumentation products, this will not only to expand the company's sales performance, drive the own brand product sales has played a very important role, also provide customers with more options at the same time, we produce their own products with customers have special requirements of imported products, customers can even don't have to decentralized procurement can solve all the purchasing requisition. Convenient for the customer, reduces the customer's purchasing cost, also creates new business development opportunities, is the good thing that kill two birds with one stone. We believe that with further broaden the company's product line, to cooperate with us to the rising number of friends, the company's future development prospect will be more and more light. In this paper by embellish instrument science and technology editing.
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