How to install rotary level switch ?
The installation is easy. You may just follow the instruction. If there are specific problems, solutions would be provided. In general, the instruction may be manual, video, etc. Sometimes the level switch may be customized and the general instruction may be not enough. Then senior engineers may be sent to offer on-scene guidance.

Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has come a long and far way in developing and manufacturing air pressure transducer. We have made ourselves well known to the market. We will show you the level gauge components series that is most popular with customers. The product is innoxious. All of the chemical agents used in it such as dyestuff, fixing agent, sterilizing agent, etc. This product is mainly used for the automation process. In all manners of application from schools, hospitals, hotels, homes to offices, the product is always the first choice for doors. This product is easy to install and use.

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