How to correctly choose the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter way of power supply

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-30
Electromagnetic flowmeter is already quite common in use in production, because the electromagnetic flowmeter has no moving parts and hinder the perturbation of the measured medium flow or throttling. Measurement is not affected by the density of the fluid, temperature, pressure, viscosity, Reynolds number and the influence of conductivity changes within a certain scope. Electromagnetic flowmeter only water as experimental medium calibration, without the need for additional amendment can be used to measure other conductive liquid. Can measure the positive and negative two don't have the advantages of traffic and other flowmeter, put into use in the production of the number of increase year by year. Electromagnetic flowmeter is different from mechanical pointer type flowmeter, it is through the working principle of electromagnetic induction, so for the instrument of power supply mode choice is the instrument to solve the problem, for the power supply of electromagnetic flowmeter has two ways, one is 220 v mains power supply, one kind is 24 v power supply, there are two kinds of power-supply modes in the process of production in use, which have different advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of power-supply modes, the user when the choice according to the specific situation of the production site and to consider, we summarize the general users need to be aware of some of the key, for your reference: choose 24 v power supply for the following reasons: in the case of a flow meter and close to the control room, can choose 24 VDC electromagnetic, so do save power supply, cable laying bridge also need not add baffle plate. 24 v power supply electromagnetic flowmeter is mainly used in industrial field are not allowed to use ac or from safety into consideration using low voltage direct current (dc), or by integrating instrument with flow totalizer. especially for electromagnetic flowmeter for power supply, can choose only 24 v magnetic flap liquid level gauge. Itself has no difference in measurement, if it is typically USES two wire, 24 v, 220 v is typically four wire choose 24 v power supply, can effectively save electricity and the power cord, meet the national policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, of course, the needs of the choose 24 v from the scene in the explosion-proof, with 24 v power integration type electromagnetic flowmeter can be done in the explosion-proof, higher requirements for the site safety, such as dust and combustible gas production environment is a better choice. Use 220 v power supply, for the following reasons: 1, 220 v power supply, electricity is convenient. 2, if the distance meter and control room, good choose 220 vac electromagnetic, because the cable is too long, the signal attenuation, requires an external 220 vac power source voltage. The anti-interference ability of the 220 vac power is stronger than 24 v. 220 v power will make electromagnetic flowmeter stronger anti-interference ability, 24 v for two wire, strong anti-interference ability no 220 v. 3, if packed to separation, long distance, more should use 220 v, because of the split type electromagnetic flow meter, sensor and converter connected with special shielded cable length can be 99 meters, more than 99 meters will signal attenuation is very severe, if the 24 v power supply is also used in this case it is difficult to measure. 4, 220 v power supply, if you worry about security, explosion-proof type electromagnetic flowmeter can be used, not the Ann, flameproof, since is the instrument, the wiring at least common sense is some, connect a power supply I think I should make instrument elude us! ! ! ! 5, and one more thing is to see whether the control conditions of the control system, control conditions are allowed if cases, it is recommended to use 220 v. 6, also from another point of view, is the other instrument power supply if you design the other instrument is 220 v, so the good unification, can't from the consideration on the transmission distance, or when power supply after you'll have a headache instrument technology co. , LTD. In this paper by embellish to sort out.
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