Flow meter, thermometer, pressure gauge, liquid level meter, advantages and disadvantages of collections

by:KAIDI     2021-02-21
An orifice meter, orifice flowmeter is the standard orifice differential pressure transmitter with multiple parameters ( And differential pressure transmitting, temperature transmitter and pressure transmitter) Form a complete set of high contrast range pressure flow device, can measure the rate of flow of gas, steam, liquid and gas. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, heating, water supply in areas such as process control and measurement. Orifice flowmeter is widely used in coal, chemical industry, transportation, construction, textile, food, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection and People's Daily life and so on each domain of national economy, is the development of industrial and agricultural production, save energy and improve the quality of our products and improve the economic benefit and the management level of the important tools in the national economy occupies an important position. In process automation instrument and apparatus, flow instrument has two functions: as a process automation control system of the testing instrument and measuring the amount of material quantity table. Features: advantages: 1, the standard throttling is full, and recognised by the international standards organization, without real flow calibration, can putting-in-service proactively, and only in the flow sensor; 2, the structure is easy to copy, simple, strong, stable and reliable performance, low price; 3, wide range of applications, including all the single phase fluid ( Liquid, gas, steam) , partially miscible flow, pipe diameter, working state of the general production process ( Temperature and pressure) All can be measured; 4, test piece and the differential display instrument can separate different manufacturer production, and specialized production scale. Faults: 1, measurement repeatability, accuracy belongs to medium level in the flow sensor, due to the influence of many factors is complex, precision is difficult to improve; 2, narrow range of degrees, because the flow coefficient and Reynolds number, the general scope of only 3:1 ~ 4:1; 3, have long straight pipe length requirements, generally difficult to satisfy. Especially for large diameter, problems become more prominent; 4, the pressure loss; 5, orifice hole within acute Angle line to ensure accuracy, so the sensor is sensitive to corrosion, wear, scale, dirt, use for a long time to guarantee the accuracy need to remove the strong checked once a year; 6, use flange connection, easy to run, run, drip, leak problems, greatly increases the maintenance workload. Two waist, vertical lobed rotor meter, the meter is also called roots flowmeter, its structure characteristic is: in the shell of flow meters has a measuring room, measuring room can have a pair or two pairs of tangent waist wheel rotation. Outside the meter shell with two search wheel coaxial installed a pair of transmission gear, they mutually meshing make two waist wheel can be linked. Waist wheel flow meter can be used for all kinds of cleaning liquid flow measurement, especially in oil measurement, also can be made into measuring gas flow meter. It of the high accuracy, can reach 0. 1 - 0. Level 5. Product features: lobed rotor meter, the design is novel, beautiful shape. With light weight, high precision, easy installation, etc. Is one of the typical products of the volumetric flowmeter. The main disadvantages are: big volume, heavy. Loss of pressure is bigger. In the operation of the large vibration, etc. With two each other into a 45 degree Angle for waist wheel structure, can greatly reduce the vibration noise in operation. Three, volumetric flowmeter displacement meter, also known as fixed displacement meter, referred to as 'PD flowmeter, is the highest class of accuracy in the flow meter. It USES mechanical measuring element to divide fluid continuously into the volume of a single known part, according to the measuring chamber of successive repeatedly the number of full of emissions and the volume of fluid to measure the total fluid volume. Displacement meter according to the measuring element classification, can be divided into oval gear flowmeter, scraper flowmeter, double rotor flowmeter, rotary piston flow meter, reciprocating piston meter, flow meter, liquid seal disks rotary flowmeter, wet gas meter and diaphragm gas meter, etc. Features: advantages: (1) high measuring accuracy; 2 pipe installation condition has no effect on measuring accuracy; (3) can be used for high viscosity fluid measurement; (4) wide range of degrees; 5] direct-reading meter without external energy can directly obtain the accumulative total, clear and easy to operate. Disadvantages: (1) the structure is complex, large; 2 kinds of measured medium, diameter, medium condition limitations; (3) shall not apply to high and low temperature circumstance; (4) most of the instrument is only applicable to clean single-phase fluid; 5] produce noise and vibration.
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