Flange level transmitter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-08
Liquid level transmitter is by measuring diaphragm and on both sides of the insulation on the electrodes of a capacitor. When we have different pressure on both sides, to cause measuring diaphragm displacement, the displacement and stress is directly proportional to the difference, so both sides capacitance range, through the link of oscillation and demodulation, is converted into 4 - is proportional to the pressure 20 ma signal of digital signals. Flange level transmitter is suitable for the industrial production process of all kinds of storage tank, the container storage continuous measurement of material level. Instrument 0 ~ 10 ma, or 4 ~ 20 ma standard dc signal, supply display, multi-point inspection, record, control and adjust the instrument or PLC, DCS and FCS system, in order to realize the automatic recording of level and regulation. Instrument parts contacting with materials with good corrosion resistance, suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, power station, paper making, pharmacy, printing and dyeing, food, municipal and other industries of liquid level, material level, oil-water interface and continuous monitoring of the bubble interface. Simple structure: there were moving or elastic element, so stay on sex is extremely high, little maintenance. Editor convenient installation: built in especially shows the characteristics of the structure, without any special tools. Convenient adjustment: the zero and span two potentiometer can be zero within the scope of the liquid level detection effectively any migration or range change, two adjustment each other. Wide range of USES; Suitable for high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosive medium level measurement.
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