Five steps to easily solve the clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter using the signal is too weak

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-28
Outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of very suitable for pipe with pipe measurement of flow meter, is easy to install, non-contact, can measure flow of medium or big diameter can also be used for measuring the medium is not easy to contact and observation, the measurement accuracy is very high, almost not affected by the interference of the various parameters of the measured medium, especially can solve other instrument can't strong corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, radioactive and flammable and explosive medium flow measurement problem. Since it has all of these other type instrument does not have the characteristic, has been widely used in industry of various kinds of liquid such as water, sewage, sea water measurement, also used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields. Outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter after installation on the premise of no maintenance typically works for a long time, if you can't get a signal or the signal is too weak and not surprisingly, as long as you want according to embellish instrument science and technology as suggested in five steps, standardized operation, serious processing then quickly returned to normal: 1. * make sure the pipe flow meter is filled with fluid; 2. If the pipe is too close to the wall, can be in the Angle of the probes are installed on pipe diameter, and haven't installed in a horizontal pipe diameter, should choose the Z method to install the probe; 3. Dense part carefully selected pipes and fully polished bright, daub is full of lotus root mixture installed probe; 4. Respectively in carefully install near the point of each probe, slowly moving to find large signal points, prevent because of pipeline caused by scaling or because local deformation is expected to lead to the ultrasonic beam reflected area and miss can receives the strong point of installation; 5. For wall scaling serious metal pipe can use of ways to make scale parts fall off or crack, but note that this method can sometimes because of scale and gaps between the lining and the useless at ultrasonic transmission. Due to the clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter are commonly used to measure the dirt outside fluid, run after a period of time, often on the inner wall of the sensor failure resulting from the accumulation of adhesion layer. Suggested that under the condition of the conditional can big in the upstream filter installed, it will play a better instrument stable and accurate efficiency, maintain the stability of the measurement data. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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