Factors affecting the use of radar level gauge

by:KAIDI     2021-01-21
Effect on the characteristic of radar level meter using the measured medium as follows due to the measuring principle of radar level gauge and microwave propagation characteristics, so the relative dielectric constant and dielectric fluid turbulent and bubble tested the properties of the material can cause attenuation of the microwave signal, serious and even unable to work. The launch of the uhf centimeter-wave, radar level gauge is transmitted along a straight line space wave form. When the measured medium, microwave reflection and refraction. The degree of reflection and the relative dielectric constant of the measured medium, the greater the relative dielectric constant, the smaller the reflectivity of the loss. If the medium the electrical conductivity of more than 10 m. S/cm, the department is reflected back later. Otherwise any medium will produce reflection and refraction, make effective reflection of microwave signal strength attenuation. Relative dielectric constant is characteristic of the material dielectric polarization of a physical quantity, it is determined by the characteristics of material itself, so different material has different relative dielectric constant. Because of the relative dielectric constant is too small will cause microwave signal attenuation, with each radar level gauge has a minimum relative dielectric constant, the user selects the radar level gauge, want to consider the relative dielectric constant of the material first, to make the normal work of the radar level gauge. Different company of radar level gauge is different to the requirement of minimum relative dielectric constant, this is because the size of the dielectric constant is related to temperature and electromagnetic field. Radar level gauge, and different companies in the structural design of them is different to the requirement of temperature and electromagnetic field, so the requirement to the dielectric constant is also different, generally in 1. About 5 ~ 2. But with the enrichment of product application experience in engineering and adopting integrated software technology unceasing enhancement, some companies of radar level gauge relative dielectric constant of the lowest smaller and smaller, and even the relative dielectric constant is only 1. 2 to 1. Nine of the liquid hydrocarbon can be measured. Due to the turbulent liquid and bubbles of microwave scattering and absorption, so turbulent and bubble will make microwave signal attenuation, thus affect the normal measurement of radar level gauge. When the choose and buy and installation of radar level gauge, consider the turbulent liquid and bubbles. If radar level meter to measure the liquid level range is small, namely microwave transmission way is shorter, in this process, microwave signal attenuation, even if is also still can be measured.
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