Double flange differential pressure transmitter and its installation instructions

by:KAIDI     2021-02-06
Double flange differential pressure transmitter is measuring transducer pressure difference on both ends of the transducer, output standard signal ( Such as 4 ~ 20 ma, 0 to 5 v) 。 Differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter is different is that they all have two pressure interface, differential pressure transmitter generally divided into positive pressure side and suction side, under normal circumstances, the positive pressure differential pressure transmitter end pressure at the pressure should be greater than the negative pressure can be measured. Double flange differential pressure transmitter the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment in the production of new type of transducer, the key raw materials, components and parts are imported, the whole machine after assembled and tested strictly, this product has the advanced design principle, the variety specification is complete, installation convenient use, etc. Double flange transmitter installation instructions: transmitter is equivalent to a special load in the circuit, is special in the transmitter power consumption between 4 ~ 20 ma current based on sensor output. Display instrument you just need to string in the circuit. The transmitter only external 2 lines, therefore is called the two wire transducer. Industrial current loop the lower limit is 4 ma, so as long as within the scope of the range, at least 4 ma power transmitter. This makes the design of the two wire sensor possible. In industrial applications, the measurement point generally at the scene, and display devices or control equipment are generally in control room or control on the ark. Distance between the two may dozens to hundreds of meters. According to the one hundred meters distance calculation, save two signal transmission wire means lower costs nearly hundred dollars! The other four wire transducer and three-wire system transmitter because of asymmetric current in the conductor must use expensive shielded wire, and two wire transducer can use very cheap twisted-pair wires, so on
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