Developing countermeasures about environmental protection instrument and meter industry in China

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-19
Since China's reform and opening up, China's economic construction and the rapid growth of industrial development, to now, China's gross domestic product (GDP) has catch up with the leading countries, but also bring a serious problem, that is China's industrial production caused serious harm to the environment, it is with the environmental awareness of entrepreneurs as well as relevant departments as not related, but also associated with the lagging behind of the domestic environmental protection equipment, therefore, embellish of instrumentation science and technology in the construction of our country environmental protection instrument and meter industry * to give full consideration to the development of China's national conditions, and not to comply with the domestic one. Summary, we think is suitable for the situation of our country environmental monitoring instrument should have the features: 1, running stability, strong anti-jamming capability. 2, easy to maintain, easy to operation. 3, product adaptability is strong, can adapt to all kinds of harsh conditions. 4, the price is low, low maintenance cost. So in fully considering the situation of our country, combining the domestic economy and industrial production, on the basis of reality, should grasp the development trend of environmental protection instrument. Concerned expert thinks the development trend of environmental monitoring instrument in our country are the following: 1, from labor-intensive to technology-intensive direction; 2, the narrower field monitoring to the direction of comprehensive field monitoring; 3, to reach the automation, intelligent and network direction; Such as embellish instrument science and technology in many products, such as magnetic level gauge, turning radar level gauge is with functions of automatic measurement and remote transmission of data. 4, by the simple ground environment monitoring development towards the direction of the combined with remote sensing of environment monitoring. We collect and carefully analyzed the domestic instrument industry of the related data, and combined with the above analysis of the main problems of environmental protection instrument and meter industry in China, we put forward several Suggestions: (as follows 1) Increase investment in scientific research. With the help of a national support policies, promoting the industrialization of environmental monitoring instruments and technology upgrading. Accelerate the monitoring instrument of scientific research and production at the same time, encourage environmental monitoring instrument production enterprises, universities and research institutions to take a variety of ways to carry out technical cooperation, to speed up the environmental monitoring technology achievements transformation. Such as domestic magnetic level gauge turning the traditional liquid level measuring instrument will constantly absorb the current technology, promote the upgrading of products. ( 2) Promote the recombination of enterprises, improve enterprise competitiveness, accelerate the localization process of high-tech products. USES the means of market regulation, promote the enterprise restructuring, gradually change monitoring instrument production technology weak scattered investment, and the condition of the low level repetition, market competitiveness, realizing moderate large-scale intensive production, forming a group of monitoring instrument production backbone enterprises. Monitoring instrument of domestic existing complete set of technology, encourage the introduction, digestion, absorption, the key technology of domestic joint venture production, and gradually achieve localization. ( 3) Everything is set, BuYuZeFei, so we're going to a big increase the supervision and management of environmental monitoring instruments accelerate development, improve the relevant laws and regulations. Establish and improve the marketization of environment automatic monitoring system operation mechanism and qualification accreditation system, eliminating the negative impacts of the operation market chaos. Only established in accordance with the guidance of China's national conditions of institutional policy, to China's environmental monitoring and protection of the development of equipment manufacturing industry into the right track, China's environmental protection instrument and meter industry to healthy development. Timely complete the development of environmental monitoring instrument planning and technology policy, environmental monitoring instrument development direction, guide and standardize the healthy development of the environmental monitoring instruments, avoid blindly follow enterprise. And organize the implementation of the environmental monitoring automation network excellent model projects of the construction of the demonstration also nots allow to ignore, you can set up the standard for the development of other parts of the industry, thus to drive the formation of the automatic environmental monitoring network system in our country, to meet growing market demand of environmental monitoring instruments and equipment.
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