Briefly with remote magnetic flap liquid level meter work principle and applications

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-21
Magnetic flap liquid level gauge is suitable for in situ observation and record, but often have production situation needs to be measured by the level of physical indicators for current signal or digital form to the central console and control room, so that the operator of the remote monitoring. So today to introduce you to the belt far eastone magnetic level gauge is turning this kind of products suitable for long-distance transmission measurement signal level gauge, its basic structure is the electrical signal remote transmission by the combination of basic and liquid level remote transmission device, has the measurement precision, stable performance, flexible use and high reliability etc. This article mainly introduce magnetic flap with remote working principle of the liquid level meter and applicable occasions, hope that can help users better application products. With remote magnetic level gauge, the working principle of magnetic level gauge with turning remote turning according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling. When the measured liquid level fluctuation of the container, the float liquid level gauge led tube with lifting, float in the permanent magnets by magnetic coupling is passed to the indicator, drive the red, white double column turn 180 degrees, when the liquid level rises, double column from white to red, when the liquid level drops, double column from red to white, indicator of red, white for the containers within the medium level the actual height of the world level, so as to realize liquid level instructions. With remote magnetic level gauge application level far eastone turning device by UR resistance sensor and UB R/I conversion module, the transmitter of the sensor in the form of a bundle fixed on the outside of magnetic level gauge turning led tube, make its level gauge the same magnetic coupling system. When magnetic float move up and down with the liquid level, the corresponding level position of dry reed pipe suction, the effect of the magnetic field inside the float chain value changes, through the resistance of the signal conversion module will change into two wire 4 ~ 20 madc standard output signal, the signal can be easily and electric meter, display systems, can also with light indicator, digital display alarming device, thus achieve the purpose of display, control, regulation and alarm. Magnetic flap with far eastone liquidometer applicable occasions magnetic level gauge with turning remote transmission can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, oil field, medicine, food, wine and other industries all kinds of storage tank, storage tank, liquid in the liquid pool, reaction pot, fermentation tank, oil, liquefied gas, liquid hydrogen, acid alkali, acid alkali, power plant boiler drum, high and low addition, deaerator, drain tank, radiator, condenser, evaporation with high and low pressure heater back the other pressure container with 1 cr8nitti, 304 + PTEE ( Ptfe) , 316 l, PVC, PP compatible liquid medium of liquid level, liquid level and two different medium interface measurement and display. Have installed in the form for you to choose, to adapt to different occasions, the environmental requirements. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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