Two product measuring magnetic flap liquid level gauge and double flange level transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-03
Users in measuring the same tanks internal liquid level position to ensure that measurement of production safety, reliable and adopts two sets of liquid level measuring instrument and measuring, respectively is magnetic level gauge and double flange level transmitter, turning principle of measurement of the magnetic flap and double flange, magnetic liquid level meter liquid level meter belongs to the local display type turning, reading convenient intuitive, magnetic flap in general level gauge than double flange level gauge accurate, because the magnetic flap is a principle of communicating vessels and float liquid level meter application, double flanged liquid level gauge is based on the medium level measurement of static pressure type, the method to realize from the float of the accuracy is higher than that of static pressure density, so the magnetic flap is mostly accurate than double flange display. But the scene of the double flange two take pressure generally with the inspcetion is no longer a height, so a lot of times inspcetion display liquid level and double flange difference is very big, not because of the level gauge is not accurate, but in different pressure points. The user in the process of instrument work, found that two sets of instrument of liquid level display is not happened. Our company aim at this situation, I write this article to analysis is as follows: 1, go to the scene, look at the magnetic level gauge turning low sampling valve, double flange low flange, the height are consistent; 2, magnetic flap is in accordance with the upper and lower two sampling valve ( Or flanges) The distance between the set range; With Windows to see the level of output from the percentage is the corresponding; ( Remove the transmitting area blind area) Because of its measurement principle is U type pipe principle, as long as the same time, the location of the float out. And the double flange is not necessarily a corresponding, its range is sometimes greater than the actual range: it is based on the Archimedes ( He is right, ha ha) Principle of buoyancy = PGH, similar to the weight measurement. The double flange factory ( Differential pressure transmitter) Generally based on the standard unit ( KPa) Basic corresponding linear conversion for water; For the density and water must carry on the conversion of different media. To set up the factory range transmitter, indicator ( PLC) Corresponding relation. For example: the same is measuring 2 meters high level ( Don't talk about the position) , the medium of hydrochloric acid, the proportion of 1. 3. Magnetic flap liquid level meter and the corresponding position between the two flanges directly to send a float height signal and 50% on the Windows, and 1 meter high level, sends out the signal is 50%, ma double flange has two cases (12 According to magnetic flap with low sampling point highly consistent consider) : 1, the concentration of the medium, the same, the factory range is set to 0 ~ 26 kpa, the output is consistent with the magnetic flap, 50%, the concentration of 12 ma2, considering variable, and for the sake of insurance ( Leave a margin) , factory range is set to 0 ~ 30 kpa, then output the 43. 3% and 10. 9 ma, this estimate is the patient's problem. It is set on the HMI interface software, or PLC, can. Solutions are recommended as follows: 1, normal will be subject to the level gauge, through liquid level gauge on the spot check by drainage, check the float, and so on and so forth, to determine whether double flange level gauge error; 2, A: of course there is A problem in the illustration, want to know if there is A error process itself, generally want to know what container is medium, whether easy foaming; B: the medium is very dirty, have sediment, whether have viscous oil; Magnetic flap have card plug, the media have froth etc. C: at the same time it seems fluid volume is very big, level up and down quickly; D: is also depends on the medium and temperature, are prone to separation and division as; 3, determine the double flange and magnetic flap contrast you see if pressure points in a horizontal plane, if yes, then the range are consistent. See if transmitter key is density parameters is set up, the transmitter whether correction is needed.
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