Three kinds of clip type ultrasonic flowmeter installation and related practice

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-09
In industrial production process for the production of raw materials of medium fluid flow, the velocity measurement of important parameters such as control, a set can accurately reflect actual usage of fluid measurement device is very necessary. Therefore, in order to improve the level of measurement, guarantee the accuracy of the measuring instruments can show that, after careful analysis of the system research, embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. Is a * * production various types of flow measurement instrument manufacturers, in combination with the practical situation of our company, we chose the company's outside RZ1158C clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter to measure traffic data in production. Since the instrument measurement system put into operation, greatly improved the measurement accuracy, and install, easy to use, in order to gain the obvious economic benefits. Now generally use two types of ultrasonic flowmeter, a kind of multiple doppler ultrasonic flowmeter, another kind is the jet lag type ultrasonic flowmeter. Type doppler velocity is using the method of phase difference measurement, namely a known frequency of sound waves in the fluid movement, caused by the liquid itself has a velocity, the ultrasonic in the two receivers ( Or transmitter) Between the relative frequency or phase change, can be obtained by measuring the relative changes in liquid velocity; Jet lag is using the method of time difference measuring velocity, namely a velocity of sound waves due to fluid flow and makes it in two receivers ( Or transmitter) Between travel time change, can be obtained by measuring the relative changes in fluid flow velocity. Currently USES the time difference ultrasonic flowmeter. Now often USES three kinds of installation method: W, V, Z. According to the different pipe diameter and flow characteristics to select installation, W is suitable for small diameter (usually 25 ~ 75毫米) , V is suitable for the pipe diameter ( 25 ~ 250毫米) , Z type is suitable for big diameter ( More than 250 mm) , in short, in order to improve measurement accuracy and sensitivity, choose the appropriate installation, the measurement signal ( The difference) Match the secondary instrument. I used the Z type installed at present. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy, should choose to meet certain conditions of location positioning: usually choose above 10 d, 5 d downstream of straight pipe upstream; The upstream within 30 d cannot load disturbance equipment such as pump, valve. For my company Z installation, introduction to outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter sensor installation method, the specific use & quot; Coordinate method of installation & quot; , namely the pipe outside surface processing clean first, coated with special coupling agent, * first one probe position, use tape around pipe, measure the perimeter folded tag, 1/2 of the circumference determine another probe orbit position, the same orbit should be parallel to the axis of pipe, according to the installation of the instrument shows distance, determine the relative distance of two probe in orbit, to ensure that the ultrasonic have enough signal intensity, often make the panel of the signal strength is greater than 2%, as shown on the reading showed stable, end of the installation and debugging, the instrument can work normally. The use of the meter daily use process must follow the specifications ( 1) Zero flow check line when liquid static and around without strong magnetic field interference, under the condition of strong vibration, header shows zero, automatically set zero point at this time, eliminate the zero drift, the runtime must to remove small signal, usually less than 5% of the full process flow, flow automatically removed. At the same time zero point can be adjusted through the menu. ( 2) Instrument panel keyboard operation, before start the meter running * effectively for the parameter to set the first, for example, using the system, installation, pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness, pipe material, pipe roughness and fluid type and the distance between two probes, velocity of flow unit, small speed, speed, etc. Only all parameters input right, instrument can correctly according to the actual flow rate value. ( 3) Flowmeter calibration in order to ensure the accuracy of the flow, we conduct regular check, usually we adopt direct comparison of the portable flowmeter, higher precision, using the test data to compute error = ( Measured values - Standard) / standard, using the calculation of relative error, the correction coefficient, the measurement error to meet & plusmn; An error of 2%, can satisfy the measurement requirements. This simple and convenient operation, can effectively improve the accuracy of measurement. To sum up, the flow is the enterprise energy consumption index, is one of the important parameters of the agent during the process of enterprise production, flow meter get more and more application, with the rapid development of science and technology, people of high precision, high reliability, high intelligent instruments made her very popular. Outside my company choose RZ1158C clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter measurement data not only accurate, and can truly reflect the installation is convenient, reliable measurement, the characteristics of easy to operate. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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