The proper use and maintenance of differential pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-23
Differential pressure transducer is used to measure liquid, gas, and the liquid level, density and pressure of steam, then transform it into a 4 - 20 ma DC current signal output, is a kind of typical self balancing testing instrument, which makes use of the principle to overcome negative feedback component materials, processing technology and the influence of unfavorable factors. 1, select the appropriate location: a cop upstream pressure transmitter installation location is too close to the production line, not molten material will wear to the top of the sensor. If the sensors are installed in the position of too later, that between the sensor and the screw stroke can cause the stagnation of the plastic melt zone, where the melting is likely to produce degradation, pressure signal can also be distortion. Generally speaking, the sensor can be located in the barrel in the front of screen, before and after the melt pump or mold. 2, check the size of the mounting hole size: if the size of the mounting holes is not appropriate, differential pressure transmitter in the process of installation, threaded portion is susceptible to wear and tear. This will not only directly affect the sealing device, also can make the pressure sensor can not fully play a role, even may create a safety hazard. Only appropriate thread before installation to avoid wear, usually we can use mounting holes measuring instrument of mounting holes in the test, to make proper adjustment. 3, to avoid interference in low temperature: in the process of extrusion production, if the extruder haven't reached operating temperature before start to production, then the sensor and extruder are subject to a certain degree of damage. In addition, if the sensor were removed from cold extrusion unit, the material is likely to produce vibration membrane adhesion on the top of the sensor damage. So, before the demolition of differential pressure transmitter, shall confirm the barrel temperature is high enough, the inside of the barrel material softening conditions. 4, keep dry, although differential pressure transmitter circuit design is the ability to withstand harsh extrusion processing environment, can not waterproof, but most of the sensor in the humid environment is unfavorable to the normal operation. Therefore, we need to ensure extrusion machine machine barrel water leaking of water cooling device, otherwise it will cause adverse effect of sensor. If the sensors have to expose in the water or damp environment, should choose to have strong waterproof special sensor. 5, to maintain the cleanness of mounting holes, maintain the cleanness of mounting holes is mainly to prevent blockage, melting is extremely important for guaranteeing the normal operation of the equipment. Before the extruder is clean, all the pressure sensor should be removed from the barrel in order to avoid damage. Sensor in demolition, the molten material may inflows into the mounting holes and hardening, if these residual molten material is not removed, when installing sensors again may cause damage to the top department. Cleaning kit to remove the residue of molten material. However, repeat the cleaning process is likely to deepen the installation hole of sensor damage. If this happens, you should take some measures to increase the sensor in the positions of the mounting holes. 6, carefully clean: in the use of steel wire brush or special compounds of extruder barrel before cleaning, should be removed all of the differential pressure transmitter. Because both clean way may cause the vibration of the sensor membrane damage. When the barrel was heated, should also won't produce the wear sensor is removed and the use of the soft cloth to wipe the top of the sensor hole also needs a drilling machine with clean and clean up the guide bush. Katie is a company specializing in the production of pressure transmitter, liquid level transmitter, vortex flowmeters, magnetic flap liquid level meter, thermocouple, heat resistance, bimetallic thermometer and all kinds of pressure gauges, etc. , as well as the production of various non-standard meter manufacturers, the company has advanced management level, the modernization of professional production equipment, precision calibration device.
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