The future development of the economy determines the domestic market demand for intelligent instrument and meter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-12
Now, intelligent instrument and meter ( Vacuum jacketed magnetic level gauge turning) As an emerging products widely used in various industries, in some large and medium-sized enterprises, and even some of the private enterprise production site, the intelligent instrumentation products are commonplace. Domestic instrument and meter industry after the development of recent years, both in technology and species had great development. Is predictable, as in the footsteps of technology advancement speeding up unceasingly, the future intelligent instrument to miniaturization, multi-functional, artificial intelligence, networking, virtualization, such as direction, to meet the application requirements of different areas, with their own technological development to promote the development of all walks of life. We know, the traditional instrument generally USES simple electronic circuit to measure the data conversion, with intuitive direct reading pattern shows or read the test data, the lack of data storage and processing power, many times need to be calculated with the aid of artificial, alignment, measurement results. Because some people for the influence of factors, which leads to the relevant measurement data can not be precise, without too much can only be used for general measurement precision of data measurement, because of its cost is lower, we also have a certain market. The current epidemic of smart meters are with the micro processing system, can also pass the remote device access microcomputer intelligent control system. It through the electronic circuit to convert the measurement data, and logic operations on data stored by full automatic operation process to get accurate measurement results, and can through the printer output text results. The intelligent instruments is now widely used in electronics, chemicals, machinery, light industry, aviation industries such as precision measurement, to our country manufacturing industry improve product quality detection means, has played an important role. Compared with the traditional instrument, ( Vacuum jacketed magnetic level gauge turning) Intelligent instrument with functions of automatic operation, self-test function, data processing, friendly man-machine dialogue, programmable operation ability, etc. All kinds of factors of production at home and abroad production enterprise capacity increasing, more and more high to the requirement of environmental protection, becomes more and more popular for the automation and intelligence of the working conditions of big background, the market demand for intelligent product more and more big, the sensor as an important part of intelligent instrument and meter, the development of intelligent sensor has become the main trend in the development of sensor technology. From the point of view of form, intelligent sensor is a typical microprocessor as the core of computer testing system. Compared with general sensors, smart sensors with high accuracy, stability, reliability, convenient detection and processing, high ratio of function and performance characteristics. But at present our country generally lower level sensor products, lack of innovation and independent intellectual property rights, excess domestic sensor industry presents the low-end and high-end market is in the domestic monopoly pattern. In view of this, China's high-end sensors to occupy more share in the huge market, is domestic sensor manufacturers need to continue to deepen the independent innovation, strengthening the construction of its own technology team, enhancing the added value of the products of science and technology. Embellish instrument independent research and development of science and technology in the production of all kinds of instrumentation products and intelligent data acquisition analysis system, because of its cost control, technology innovation, quality, through to its on-site inspection, the masses of users and industry applications in the future, we will continue to strengthen our own research and development and production capacity, constant innovation, to meet the needs of users of different industries for intelligent instrument.
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