Remind users concerned about intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter grounding

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-18
Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, as a first flow measuring devices, with its advantages of high precision and good stability was welcomed by more and more users, is widely used in petroleum, food, chemical industry, paper making, environmental protection, water supply, etc. Especially in water supply industry is relatively broad, because water side and user side are depends on traffic instrument for water trade settlement. To accurately reflect water cannot leave a high precision, good stability of flow meter. The importance of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter grounding in normal circumstances is not important, daily use, due to the integrated structure of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, the instrument's own maintenance quantity is not too big. But in the south, is located in the pearl river delta of guangdong in particular areas, summer thunderstorm weather, lightning strike to the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter brings the very big use security threat. According to our user tracking for the region, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter using our products in previous years, half of each year due to meet thunderstorm weather flowmeter converter was killed by a bolt of lightning strike bad; Even in lightning more frequent areas of several flowmeter, more time, one point converter has been struck by lightning bad five times a year. Aiming at this situation, we combined with the characteristics of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, and guide the user with a lightning protection device, after corresponding measures, using the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in our company now rarely being struck by lightning bad, not only for the user to save the maintenance cost is for the user to create a stable production environment. Need to point out is that the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter sensor grounding is important, especially in the pipeline stray current interference exists, the only good grounding protection, intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter can measure accurately. May not without the interference of environment, the earth does not affect the flow meter measuring accurately, but once the environment changes, the flowmeter can steadily work accurately, so we're good sensor grounding protection during installation, to the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter to create a good working environment. In June 2012, for example, our company to one of the anhui water company installed a DNl200 intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, and the user's own series is about 30 meters after our flow meter installed a same brand and the diameter of flowmeter ( Used to compare) 。 High 8%, wading small tables, tap water company requirements check meter. The accuracy of 5%. 4%. This situation shows that there are other reasons, we in wading meter sensor well when high inspection, found the earth wire sensors connected to the grounding ring no, also have no grounding connection, so we put sensors grounding line and grounding ring as well. 7%, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter meet the use requirements, looks no ground to blame. According to the typical example, remind users must pay attention to the flow meter ground to ask
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