Product characteristics of electromagnetic flowmeter, and the obvious advantages when measuring sewage

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-20
Into the 21st century, our country's contemporary system process significantly accelerated modernization, followed also produced more and more serious ecological environment problems, a lot of dye waste a lot of illegal sewage immediate harm to people's lives daily life already, also clearly put forward the sustainable development is not optimistic about the future challenge, social development is widely to improve manipulation and control of environmental pollution, call for more and more obvious, the country's current policy layer released data signals to stain the problems to strengthen the extent of regulation, various facilities documents and plans developed. Contamination problem contains the environmental pollution, land pollution, water pollution, waste, environmental pollution and so on, and this kind of problem are all part of, sewage pollution governance is in one of the key links. In wastewater treatment, sewage wastewater, preservatives, silt, etc must be conducted metrological verification and manipulation, so look so critical for wastewater flow measurement. Dashboard to wastewater treatment are also varied, but at present the world sales market, on the merits, pressure transmitter with either from the perspective of basic theory, and accurately measure the degree of view, main waste water pressure transmitter are all good, can consider manufacturing must. The use of pressure transmitter has 60 years history of time, in the world scope has been used, its principle is the law of electromagnetic induction, is a British scientists Faraday discovered in 1831. Its accurate measuring total flow, using the principle of electromagnetic induction is how many flow measurement in a wide range of ways. It can accurately measure the various conductivity of liquid flow in the runner and the total flow, is the use of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. 1832 Faraday across the Taiwan strait in the Thames Waterloo Bridge, selection and water bearing the vertical direction of the geomagnetic field area, learn to put down the two metal rods as electrode to precisely measure the river water flow. It is the world's pressure transmitter before experiment. Faraday in 1851 saw the Wollsaton using electromagnetic method such as precise measurement of the English channel tidal to succeed. At this stage with the pressure transmitter manufacturing processing technology unceasing progress, plus excellent intelligent systems of large integrated digital control module in above, in the industries involved in water/wastewater, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper making industry, food, etc. Each manufacturing industry. Large size panel is more applied in water supply and drainage engineering. Medium caliber common in solid-liquid two same unpredictable fluid mechanics or the site in accordance with high caliber, subtle specifications found in pharmaceutical, food industry, biotechnology and other environmental health field. Pressure transmitter by heat meter and the vast majority of intelligent transducer. Controller accurately measure pipe up and down or so with excitation regulator solenoid coil, excitation current caused by electromagnetic field over the precise measurement tube, after two electrode in a precise measurement tube cavity and liquid phase touch, find out the induction electric potential difference, sent to the intelligent transmitter. It is the intelligent transmitter to show the field current. Classified by converter and controller assembly method, have separated type and a type two kinds. The wastewater treatment in a see more separate specifications flowmeter, part installed in underground, the other parts in the ground. Diameter in an organic whole. And the principle of pressure transmitter is the application scenarios of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. When the conductive metal rod to must do vertical split rate of magnetic induction line azimuth fitness, namely cause magnetic induction voltage. If the magnetic field strength for B, metal rod length L, the rate of v, so the induction voltage. According to the requirement of accurate measurement on the spot is different, the role of pressure transmitter on the sales market is a big difference, simple accurate measurement in only unilateral total flow, output analog signal only after pushing a dashboard; Intelligent system of the pressure transmitter can double flow measurement, dividing value, on the low limit traffic alerts, atc and disconnect the alarm switch power supply, small data signal was removed, the total flow display information and production estimates, automatic verification and common fault self diagnosis, and PC communication, fitness function and so on. Some specifications of pressure transmitter serial digital communication function can choose a variety of communication interface and special integrated IC ( ASIC) To join the HART protocol, PROFTBUS, Modbus, FF fieldbus system software, etc. Basic principle of the precise measurement of the waste water pressure transmitter decision the measured liquid must be the premise of accurate measurement is electrical conductivity, electrical conductivity is less than the threshold can cause data error until can not applied, beyond the threshold even shift can accurately measure, deviation change range is not big. The manufacturing and urban sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, and the conductivity of the solution more than 12 - 4 s/cm, the conductivity of the acid, alkali, salt solution in 12 - 4 ~ 12 - 1 s/cm in the middle, the application can't find the problem, low water for 12 - 5 s/cm are not problems. General waste water conductivity is high, because in which contain more positive ions, which is the pressure transmitter used for precise measurement of wastewater.
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