Pressure transmitter manufacturers engineer to teach you how to choose the right equipment

by:KAIDI     2021-02-11
Along with the development of the economy, many industry gradually electronic pressure gauge, commonly known as the pressure transmitter. Based on factors such as work environment, medium, temperature, pressure transmitter manufacturer engineers say, when choosing products, must consider the following factors: 1. Any electronic measuring instrument precision level will have precision error. The accuracy level of each country is different. Beijing star sensor technology co. , LTD. And the European and American countries have the same level of precision. 2. At present, due to various acquisition needs, the output signal on the market sort is more, there are mainly four - 20mA、0- 20mA、0- 10 v, 0 - 5 v, etc. , but the most commonly used is 4 20mA、0- 10V。 3. Medium temperature is considered to be carried out by electronic circuit to product signal conversion. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the product of the measured medium temperature on baidu to minus 30 degrees. If the temperature is too high, we can use the cooling bending to cooling medium. Beijing star sensors factory developed high temperature resistant product cost will be greatly reduced. A lot of. 4. Scope of common sensor measuring range is the largest scope of full range of percentage of the sensor. That is to say, measuring the pressure of 70 bar now, we should be within the scope of the choice to choose 100 bar. 5. The measured medium is compared commonly neat, can directly use the standard pressure transmitter. If you measure medium easy crystallization or sticky, so we will use the external diaphragm or chemical seals are used together, it will effectively prevent the medium pressure measurement. Measuring holes. 6. The material of the solution is to measure the medium. Usually to contact material is 316 stainless steel. If you're not corrosive medium of 316 stainless steel, so basically, you can use it to measure. If the contact of 316 stainless steel corrosive medium, chemical seal at this time. It not only can measure the pressure of medium, and can effectively prevent the medium contact with by liquid part of the product, protection, prolong the service life of pressure transmitter.
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