Liquid level meter and flow meter of maintenance procedures and troubleshooting skills

by:KAIDI     2021-01-15
1, this paper briefly describes in the industrial production and scientific research industry, embedded process will be applied to a lot of instrument and equipment, for the production of raw materials and inventory analysis, accurate measurement, control, flow meter and the level is the key in which the two kinds of machine equipment types. During the whole process for this kind of flow meter and the application of liquid level meter and common faults and the basic maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment must be clerk, grasp relative skills, only in the maintenance of the proper process, in accordance with the maintenance mode of scientific research, in mastering the technical characteristics of equipment, the principle of good scientific research power circuit, understand its basic measuring method basically, a good grasp of common failures inspection method, can find its cyclical, in view of the people's usual maintenance and maintenance work efficiency of ascension will have a great help. Summary, flow meter and the level of maintenance process usually has the following categories: 2, turn the power off inspection instrument equipment maintenance must first make sure you have the foundation and the electronic circuit of the basic knowledge, to understand common test equipment appropriate application and operation steps, understand inspection instruments and equipment failure reason of the common way, and follow the scientific research work on the work in the application process. ( 1) Read attentively the equipment use manual, master its principle, understand the circuit principle diagram and the note, the condition of accessories. ( 2) Observation instrument equipment on the power switch control panel knobs, pull, marking table have loose condition, such as insurance tube is intact. ( 3) Open instrument equipment chassis HouGaiBan, observing the internal electronics, ring transformer on-line have burn, such as mold, drop down. In turn off the power supply for inspection together, not only can do a good job of the instruments and equipment internal cleaning, more critical is the ability to find all sorts of significant common fault location, easy to quickly distinguish and fault detection. Such as: the tube leakage, tube is milk white chemicals. The electrolytic capacitor thermal breakdown mildew electrolyte solution or chassis from the vast majority is with split. Resistor are destroyed, they were black or burn. Diode, transistor, voltage regulator diode thermal breakdown case will be black, burn, split. Is destroyed when the smell of burning and impressions. Turn off the power supply and inspection is do a good job of the editor dashboard overhaul of a key process. But should be emphasized that at the time of maintenance to note that even if it is not simple to replace the damaged components, and should deepen check equipment of the circuit principle diagram, find out the location of the damaged components and real reason, to analyze the damaged the real reason. In SP2305 type liquid chromatograph maintenance, for example, when the former because the carrier didn't open, Violation of safety operating rules) Filament burn out, the thermal conductivity pool, at that time, there is no bridge electrical flow, inspection will find thermal conductivity filament burn out attentively, choose this kind of way, turn the power off only use digital multimeter can detect common faults location, this means that people often can encounter in the maintenance. In the repair process, some found in the power circuit components desoldering, loose, is harm in all the normal work of the power supply circuit. Turn off the power supply so be more visual inspection way, and it is feasible. 3, closing check if turn off the power supply in the inspection could not find the problem, it should choose & other; Closing & throughout; To carry out the inspection, deepen looking for instruments and equipment common faults of the actual location, convenient for changing a common failures of components. In order to prevent the equipment the expansion of the common faults, be helpful for observing repeatedly, can apply gradually pressurized power supply system. In closing inspection, must pay attention to show the light? Insurance tube, transformer, rectifier working attitude is everything is ok. If any abnormal situation found, should turn off the switch power supply, and will return to 0 v voltage regulator operating voltage adjustable. If can't see clearly damaged components, can restart pressure observed gradually. Do that the plan is for the following closing inspection well prepared. If this time does not appear various abnormalities in each part of the equipment can only power circuit induction electric precise measurement. Accurately measure sequence is usually: rectifier type working voltage & ndash; Voltage regulator tube output voltage & ndash; Each job CLP flow, voltage and the working voltage of the static working point, see from the common faults in what position, given its way. 3. 2 accurately measure voltage method in accordance with the schematic circuit diagram of the equipment at its point of each working voltage accurately measure the voltage value relativity should work. If measure the working voltage of the ministries and the manual list apart is pretty big, is common failures belongs. If the working voltage of determination and the distance is not big, the manual suggests that the power supply circuit is normal in the work of static data. This kind of way in electron tubes, transistors, or integrated circuit chips in all, it is very reasonable. 4. 3 simple dry scratching method of this kind of mode is very suitable analyzer recorder, digital solutions, with a small screwdriver impact signal type end, observing its ever in anlaogue display.
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