How to instrument pollution? Field use instrument of pollution emission, rounding operation

by:KAIDI     2021-01-27
Pressure, differential pressure transmitter, float liquid level gauge and so on all need for drainage, because the measuring medium containing dust, oil dirties, tiny particles will deposit within the guide pressure tube or sampling valve, which directly or indirectly affect the measurement. Drainage operation is important, therefore, the following, instrument and meter plant will introduce specific instrument for everybody drainage method of operation. Stipulated to regular drainage, drainage of the transmitter before shut down, but the sampling valve is not closed. To use spacer transmitter is not arbitrary, but be replaced periodically spacer. Before discharge, must contact and technical personnel, has obtained the consent of technological personnel to carry out; To flow or pressure control system of sewage before, should be will automatically switch to manually. Drainage after operation of transmitter, should observe whether the output of the transmitter is normal, the control system, should also will automatically switch to manually, instrument can be used normally 1 and notify the technologist. Pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter drainage operation is the first of two times valve closed, open the drain valve discharge. Close the drain valve, observe the phenomenon of pressure pipe and valve guide joint leaks, should be responsible for processing. Pressure pipe and valve guide joint function after a long time, sometimes shaken pressure pipe or valve guide, it is possible to appear leakage phenomenon. To open the secondary valve can be put into operation in general measurement medium change device. Ling for steam pressure, such as steam condensate with guide to open the second valve after pressure tube. Parameter is put on the measuring chamber pressure transmitter drainage, exhaust valve, unscrew, such as well as the measurement of indoor medium displacement, with drainage and exhaust. 2. Drainage operation of differential pressure transmitter on general measurement of differential pressure transmitter first close three valve set pressure valve; To open the balanced valve; After the positive pressure valve closed. Open the drain valve, the positive and negative pressure pipe drainage. Close the drain valve, observe the phenomenon of pressure pipe and valve guide joint leaks. And then open the positive and negative pressure valve, the transmitter on the positive and negative measurement room drainage, exhaust valve, unscrew the drainage and exhaust. Then close the balance valve can be put into operation the transmitter. To have brought the condensate gas differential pressure transmitter, such as steam flow measurement, pass three valve group method and drainage method as above. But when put to wait after ling condensate with guide pressure steam pipe to put transmitter. 3. The boiler steam drum water level rapid drainage operation of boiler steam drum water level transmitter after discharge, should have enough ling condensate water before put into operation, it usually takes more than an hour, besides take artificial water, still can take to double room with the sound of water balance container with water, can instantly drain real-time operation of transmitter. (1) at the same time close three valve group is first, negative pressure valve 5 and 6, a balance valve 7; (2) close the liquid valve, 2 1, open the steam valve switch alternately drain valve 3, 4, the positive and negative is washed with steam guide pipe; (3) close the steam valve of 1, 2, open the liquid valve switch alternately drain valve 3, 4, then use hot water flushing of the boiler steam drum guide positive and negative pressure pipe; (4) close drain valve 3, before they close the drain valve 4, this double room balance container both positive and negative pressure chamber and guide tube filled with hot water; (5) on positive pressure valve 5, off balance valve 7, a negative pressure valve 6, then open the steam valve 1, transmitter in operation. Kaidi instrument equipment factory summary: need to be careful that the valve open order, regular blowdown necessary, spacer to isolation.
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