How to choose the reasonable selection and metal pipe float flowmeter installation should pay attention to matters

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-04
For nearly 10 years, with the rapid development of Chinese industry, demand for industrial measuring instrument is also increasing year by year, directly drive the upgrading of domestic flow meter production technology progress, the industry scale expands unceasingly, sales flow meter has been rising state, but the industry is very competitive, instrumentation products on the market the good and bad are intermingled, how root self-memorial need to purchase the good cost performance products is the goal of enterprise has been seeking. In this paper on the market in the choose and buy should pay attention to the requirements of metal tube float flowmeter introduce several: in recent years, the development of the industry, lead the instrumentation industry, along with the development of the industry, the development of domestic flow meter is faster and faster, industry scale is expanding constantly, but because of the development of the industry, will inevitably lead to more and more people into the industry, entered the stage of fierce competition, from quality to gain advantage by service win the competition, good to have some people to adopt the price mode and so on. That now appears on the market product quality is uneven, the flowmeter have high low price. So how do you get a suitable meter, buy a good quality of metal tube float flowmeter? At the time of flow meter use, selection is important before many type flowmeter using a link. So how should choose according to what meter? * first point: according to the price. Generally speaking, the higher the accuracy is high price. This one is according to the budget, one is according to the purpose of measurement is used to choose the accuracy grade, if it is a scientific research then accuracy will be very high. This is according to the actual situation to determine the actual requirement, if only control medium by the amount of the trial operation adjustment, later need to steady the throughput, so precision is secondary two point: measurement of objects. Object factors namely measurement types of medium size, pressure, chemical properties. Such as the liquid medium, gas medium, judge medium pressure of work, whether the corrosive medium and so on, should choose the corrosion of corrosive medium flow meter. The third point: flowmeter performance of itself. If the above 2 points are confirmed, and the price without big changes, give priority to choose needle valve is placed in the upper part of the meter; Has a larger circulation hole, is a direct flow calibration; The structure is simple; Small size of external and so on. So small flow range, can choose the ball float type, because it is stable, not easy to dust measurement, high precision, good interchangeability. Above is the metal tube flow meter needs to consider several aspects of the selection of the time, in view of the above points, selection of according to own actual situation, if still do not know about some details, consult factory, let flow meter manufacturer for help. Metal pipe flow meter in the right selection, also need to have a correct installation to ensure the stable operation, the use of the measurement result can meet our requirements. Although metal pipe flow meter has simple structure, convenient installation, but if we do not pay attention to the installation way when installed, installation position and so on, is easy to appear problem, only the right to install good work efficiency and security, so in the installation, is we must pay attention to the following points. * first, for the installation site, you should be careful, be sure to choose the right place, avoid by all means choosing high temperature heat source and strong vibration, adverse situations; Two, when installation, pay attention to the position of the sensor in a horizontal pipe, don't ignore this, typically side; Third, about the installation of sensors and a key, is the pipes need to be a thermal insulation layer of; Fourth, normally, for upstream and downstream the correct installation, be sure to make sure that it must have plenty of straight pipe. Metal tube flowmeter can not be ignored when installation, of course, the attention is not just a few, some other, such as: sensor installation flow and pipe flow, make sure that the direction is the same between the two. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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