Describes the history of electromagnetic flowmeter excitation anti-interference technology development process

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-19
Electromagnetic flowmeter development history is a history of anti-interference, can be traced back to the early 19th century in 1832, British physicist Faraday idea through the earth's magnetic field to measure the soil water flow velocity, 'mounting for a field experiments at the same time, but did not succeed. Investigate its main reason is that in the presence of fluid medium of the dc excitation magnetic field polarization effect and thermal effect produced by interference noise drown out potential traffic signals. Bed makes the velocity potential short circuit the signal, plus the historical condition at that time, traffic technology is far from solved all kinds of jamming noise suppression and high impedance signal measurement level, thus * electromagnetic flowmeter experiment study is such a failure. Therefore, since the beginning of the study of electromagnetic flowmeter people face thorny problem how to overcome all kinds of jamming noise, only solved the anti-interference problem, the actual measurement of application of electromagnetic flowmeter to be meaningful, therefore, in the later in the study of electromagnetic flowmeter, anti-jamming technology has been become a * to the technical problems of electromagnetic flowmeter technology development. As humans become more and more urgent to the requirement of measurement technology, the development of electromagnetic flowmeter has been in progress, the development of the technology of electromagnetic flowmeter greatly promote the perfection of its anti-interference technology. The late '50 s and electromagnetic flowmeter * start industrial applications, the anti-jamming technology of electromagnetic flowmeter development has experienced several stages, each time the progress is in order to solve the problem of the anti-interference ability of the prompted electromagnetic flowmeter anti-interference techniques appeared a leap, electromagnetic flowmeter performance index improved. The late '50 s and 60 s, in order to reduce the dc excitation magnetic field on the surface of the electrode polarization potential, the influence of power frequency sine wave excitation technology is adopted, but caused the electromagnetic induction and electrostatic coupling power frequency interference, which adopt the complex orthogonal interference suppression circuit such as a variety of anti-jamming measures, it is difficult to completely eliminate the effects of power frequency interference noise, causing electromagnetic flowmeter zero to stability, low precision, poor reliability. In the mid - 70 - s, with the development of electronic technology and the advent of synchronous sampling technology, USES the low-frequency rectangular wave excitation technology, change the morphological characteristics of power frequency interference, using synchronous sampling technology, the power frequency for electromagnetic flow object good ability to resist power frequency interference, measurement accuracy, zero point stability, reliability is enhanced. In the early 80 s by three values low-frequency rectangular wave excitation technology and dynamic zero technology, synchronous excitation, synchronous sampling technology for electromagnetic flowmeter zero point stability, further improve the power frequency interference and polarization potential interference resistance. Using dual frequency rectangular wave excitation technology, in the late 80 s, can not only overcome the mud interference produced fluid and fluid flow noise, and can have zero voltage of low-frequency rectangular wave excitation electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter zero point stability, anti-interference ability and response speed of the unity. Above all electromagnetic flowmeter excitation technology advances, from on the one hand, change the configuration of orthogonal interference electric potential and characteristics, on the other hand, reduce the mud of the order of magnitude of interference and flow noise, thus greatly improves the electromagnetic flowmeter anti-interference ability, so the electromagnetic flowmeter excitation technology improvement is effective anti-interference measures. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. As a manufacturer of * * in the electromagnetic flow for today's electromagnetic flowmeter has a profound understanding about this aspect of technology, after years of precipitation and accumulation of experience and technology of electromagnetic flowmeter from the manufacture, installation and maintenance have their unique advantages, we are willing to make friends all over the world, to work together to the cause of China's instrument. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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