Volume flowmeter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-13
Volumetric flowmeter 1, the working principle of the volumetric flowmeter, also known as the fixed displacement meter, referred to as 'PD flowmeter, is the highest class of accuracy in the flow meter. It USES mechanical measuring element to divide fluid continuously into the volume of a single known part, according to the measuring chamber of successive repeatedly the number of full of emissions and the volume of fluid to measure the total fluid volume. Displacement meter according to the measuring element classification, can be divided into oval gear flowmeter, scraper flowmeter, double rotor flowmeter, rotary piston flow meter, reciprocating piston meter, flow meter, liquid seal disks rotary flowmeter, wet gas meter and diaphragm gas meter, etc. 2, product features advantages and disadvantages: ( 1) High measuring accuracy; ( 2) Pipeline installation condition has no effect on measuring accuracy; ( 3) Can be used for high viscosity fluid measurement; ( 4) Wide range of degrees; ( 5) Direct-reading meter without external energy can directly obtain the accumulative total, clear and easy to operate. Disadvantages: ( 1) Results complex, large; ( 2) Kinds of measured medium, diameter, medium condition limitations; ( 3) Does not apply to high and low temperature circumstance; ( 4) Most of the instrument is only applicable to clean single-phase fluid; ( 5) Noise and vibration. 3, application of volumetric flowmeter with differential pressure type flow meter and flow meter and classified as three kinds of usage, the biggest flowmeter, often used in expensive medium ( Oil, natural gas, etc. ) The amount of measurement.
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