Velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter installation shall meet the following requirements

by:KAIDI     2021-01-30
Note: this section applies to velocity-equalizing tube class ( Cases of ITABAR, VBRABAR, ANUBA, etc. ) Flowmeter, than than hosting hosting flowmeter and its deformation products such as V ( V - 锥) Flow meter and than type of venturi tube installation. Table 6 velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter straight pipe upstream and downstream side required minimum 1, velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter should be installed on the full of measured medium pipeline. 2, velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter should be installed in horizontal pipe runs: when measuring gas and steam. Can also be installed in vertical pipe runs. 3, velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter on cross section in the process piping of insert bearing shall meet the following requirements: a) Installed in horizontal pipe runs, Zha gas, should be in above the horizon and horizontal Angle of 30 & deg; ~150° Within the scope of; b) Installed in horizontal pipe runs, measuring, liquid and steam should be connected with the horizontal Angle - below the horizontal line 50° ~ - - - - - - 130° Within the scope of; c) When installed in vertical pipe runs, but in a plane perpendicular to the center line of the pipeline in any position; d) Velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter pressure hole hole centerline and pipeline centerline deviation should be less than 3 & deg; ; Velocity-equalizing tube rod verticality deviation should be less than 5 centerline and the pipe & deg; With the center line of the pipeline of deviation should be less than 3 & deg; 。 4, measurement accuracy requirement for & plusmn; 1%, the average tube flowmeter, downstream straight pipe length should comply with the requirements of table 6. Measurement accuracy requirement for & plusmn; 3% when, should have at least 3 d, 2 d downstream upstream side of the straight pipe length. 5, velocity-equalizing tube flow meter for measuring the two-phase flow and working temperature is lower than the saturation temperature of the steam flow measurement.
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