Turbine meter manufacturer, rounding and installation key points to the requirement of medium viscosity measurement

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-27
Turbine flowmeter and volumetric flowmeter, coriolis mass flowmeter are three kinds of repeatability, high accuracy of the flow meter, the three kinds of flow have their characteristics and applicable scope, the turbine meter because of its simple structure, low processing components, light weight, convenient maintenance, adapt to large flow capacity and high parameter, etc. Turbine flowmeter is adopted of ultra-low power consumption single chip microcomputer technology of turbine flow sensor and display the integration of integrating new intelligent instrument, with a compact bodies, intuitive and clear reading, high reliability, without external power supply interference, lightning resistance, low cost, obvious advantages. Therefore has been widely used in industrial production. The principle of turbine flowmeter, as shown in the center of the pipe lay a turbine, supported by bearings on both ends. When fluid through a pipe, turbine blades, on the turbine driving moment, make the turbine to overcome the friction torque and the fluid resistance torque and rotation. The speed of the turbine by sensing coil to detect in a casing. When the turbine blade cutting lines of magnetic force produced by casing permanent magnet steel, causing sensing coil in the magnetic flux changes. Sensing coil to detect the signals of magnetic flux cycles into the preamplifier, the signal amplification, plastic, is proportional to the velocity of the pulse signal, into the unit conversion and flow integrating circuit and display the accumulated flow value; Also converts pulse signal into frequency current circuit, the pulse signal is converted into analog electrical flow, which indicates the instantaneous flow values. Within a certain flow range, for a certain amount of fluid viscosity, the rotation of the turbine angular velocity is proportional to the fluid velocity. As a result, the fluid velocity can be obtained through the rotation of the turbine angular velocity, the flow of fluid through a pipe is calculated. Due to mechanical turbine eccentric and frictional resistance moment of tiny change, the influence of the turbine flowmeter in the same rotation cycle occurs periodically speed change, that make it hard for the turbine to a very low speed, stop running because of the highly vulnerable to disturbance at this time. Viscosity influence on turbine flowmeter: 1, for stripper well produced fluid viscosity is higher, appropriate USES acquisition system makes it more sensitive turbine can be accurately collecting low speed ( Less than zero. 01 r / s) The signal. 2, before entering the turbine response of linear segment, K values continue to rise, and with the inlet Reynolds number flow meter, exponential relationship. 3, with the enhancing viscosity and K value of the turbine flowmeter will decline, also will become worse linearity. 4, with the increase of viscosity, the start of the turbine flowmeter displacement decreased, at the same time, the low speed of response will decline. 5, is used to measure the turbine flowmeter of different viscosity fluid, only on a down the condition of high viscosity flow Reynolds number, different calibration can approximate the turbine flowmeter K value and the relationship between the Reynolds number, and deduced the turbine of the response curves of different viscosity fluid. Turbine flowmeter in the device and the use of the chapter, there are a lot of small problems, but must pay attention to these details, talent ensure accurate flow measurement accuracy. Many details if don't pay attention to, the use of time is difficult to find the problem, now is easy to ignore the problem are summarized, the hope can get everybody's attention. 1, the requirement of pipe, the inner diameter of the turbine meter device point of upstream and downstream piping is the same as the meter diameter. 2, the requirement for straight pipe: flowmeter degree of necessary device in the line, Tilted pipe within 50) Axis, the device when the flow meter should be concentric to the pipe axis, flow to divide. Meter length upstream pipe should be not less than 2 d straight pipe sections, such as place if the device allows initiative for 20 d straight pipe upstream and downstream of 5 d. 3, the requirement to the by-pass pipe: liquid turbine flow JiJi overhaul in order to ensure not affect the normal use of medium, the flowmeter should device to cut off the valve in the pipeline before and after ( Globe valve) The by-pass pipe shall be set up, and at the same time. Flow control valve to device on the downstream side of the flow meter, flowmeter using the upstream on the cut-off valve must be fully open, prevent local upstream fluid unsteady flow phenomena. 4, the request of the external environment: good flowmeter device indoors, must device outdoors, be sure to use prevent bask in, prevent the rain. Lightning protection measures, so as not to affect use life. In the medium containing impurities request: in order to ensure the using life of turbine flow meter, should be installed in front of the straight pipe of the flowmeter filter. 5, at the request of the selection: selection within the scope of the rule of flow, avoid overdrive, to ensure that had good accuracy and ensure the normal use life. Turbine meter before the operation is not allowed to arbitrarily. Back cover, change the internal related parameters, otherwise will affect the normal operation of flowmeter. Beware of device gaskets, make sure there are no outstanding content into the pipeline, in order to avoid interference with the normal flow measurement. When flowmeter calibration to collect pressure on the flow meter to take pressure. Before turbine flowmeter in front of the device should be clutter: clearing the pipe pieces, welding slag, stones, dust and other referral in the upstream device 5 micron mesh filter used to prevent droplets and grains of sand. Flowmeter of commissioning should slowly open valve before first, when after open the valve, avoid turbine for air impact and damage. Add smooth oil should be according to the sign, the number of refueling depends on temperament clean level, usually 2 - every year 3 times. Due to pressure test, purging pipes or exhaust turbine overdrive formation, and operation in the reverse flow turbine impeller damage will likely make flowmeter.
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