The use of the ball float liquid level gauge need regular testing and maintenance

by:KAIDI     2021-01-17
Ball float liquid level gauge is the various applicable away and bottom pressure under the standard level part of the accurate measurement of liquid level meter, the dashboard can accurate measurement of liquid level in a specified area, but also can according to accurate data remote transmission control signal, ratio of liquid level instrument to carry out an immediate alarm or automatic control system for the centrifugal water pump motor starting and ending, etc. Its principle is to use the float inside the circular with the transition of the liquid level meter, and then to change the resistor rod inside the magnetic reed switch of bleeder circuit, the smaller the gap magnetic reed switch, the more precision is high. Continuous float liquid level gauge data signals bleeder circuit through converter into 4 ~ 20 ma or other different specification data signals. Such liquid level transmitter can interact with other panel marked with long distance, is the basic principle is very simple, credibility excellent level gauge meter. At this stage the dashboard already widely used in factories and mines enterprises, industrial construction, scientific research in the industry of cooling tower, storage tank and reservoir water, Liquid) Automatic control or alarm system, can also be used together with ecological environment protection & other; Industrial 'three wastes' & throughout; To solve the sewage treatment of fluid equipment. Ball float liquid level gauge of oil level sensor application if all normal, can also be applied trichloroethylene or ethanol introduction of high pressure hole to the width than a half point covered for 5 minutes, at least 3 at the end of this year, * * * without maintenance. If is a unique material, mild shake, then repeated several times, until with magnetic oil level sensor type liquid level transmitter clean and neat a check. Such as relatively thick, or residue, maintenance rise more convenient also, immediately remove the flange, can draw out oil level sensor. Ball float liquid level gauge of oil level sensor inside the tank, then, in the usual maintenance, clean up after the end of the liquid level transmitter gradually into the iron pipe, main parameters must be observed and record only, only observe the precise measuring liquid level meter with a specific level gauge is probably the same, observe the liquid level meter mark if everything is normal, if record main parameters no problem, even several times the acme of maintenance. Lower part of the thought has placed iron pipe, install the screw cap back to back only, because if really want to carry out the overall cleaning that is not available, also is not specific, it is very inconvenient. And take out again, repeatedly into the will harm the precise measurement of the float liquid level gauge. And float liquid level gauge itself without maintenance, and therefore must be thoroughly basic observation and record only able to ensure its normal work. In after removing the cleaning liquid level transmitter reshipment, be sure to once again to contrast the same door lock the water when the water level of the markings. The dashboard of reference value to carry out the correct again, life are common people to know all the goods, regardless of the length of the service life of the statistics, if not do a good job in maintenance, it could only reduce equipment. Common float liquid level gauge is must maintain, even though it is the same as magnetic flap level gauge, compared to other liquid level transmitter installation maintenance is very convenient and simple, but is a basic work, to ensure the accuracy of sampling statistics. It is important to ensure standards and timing to perform maintenance of habitual, ensure all of the goods in normal work, increase lifespan. Liquid level transmitter is placed in unison, although in the internal oil level sensor, but the float liquid level gauge maintenance don't have to open the tank, which means that the advantages of this kind of liquid level transmitter. However, liquid level transmitter line, route to clear, under the condition of the appropriate practical accurate, oil level sensor is based there is no maintenance, excellent RunHua on time to the oil or change the oil steam pressure normal, table light oil, fuel oil tube patency.
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