The maintenance of electromagnetic flowmeter electrode

by:KAIDI     2021-01-07
Electrode electromagnetic flowmeter should be how the maintenance? Electrode that is the product of a very important part, in the actual measurement when they need to rely on the electrodes to perceive the situation around. If the dirt or on the electrode surface dirt, will lead to measuring accuracy is affected, so the electrodes in use after a period of time is need for cleaning maintenance. Methods many details maintenance. A little more advanced ultrasound can be used to clean, a little bit more simple can be used directly some mechanical tools to clean and maintain. Here is to simply introduce common cleaning and maintenance methods. Electromagnetic flowmeter electrodes for cleaning maintenance, using mechanical removal is a commonly used method, taken out after the electrodes of this product can use the dirt on the surface of the scraper scraper. But should pay attention to in the actual operation, good power to control, if power is too big, can lead to the electrode damage, so it will affect the accuracy of measurement. Have a special measuring instrument polar surface can remove dirt of shaving, this thing easily available on the market, and the price is not expensive, buy back simple learning can get started immediately after the operation, used to clean the dirt on the surface of the electrode is very easy. 2 ways to remove surface dirt is more advanced, is to use ultrasound to remove. Ultrasonic is actually used around 50 hz. Add this ultrasonic directly to the electrode. Dirt on the surface of the electrode contact with ultrasonic wave can be broken, and be clean. There is also a kind of method is to select phone study method, this method for some inorganic anion has good cleaning effect. But for some of the other dirty things clean effect is not very well. The main methods of electromagnetic flowmeter electrode maintenance is simple introduced to here, of course can also use many other methods, such as breakdown or electricity is to use the flexible tool to clean up, and so on. If the user don't know how to clean and maintain, also can find the official after-sales. Now the factory after-sales service in place, very can provide cleaning and maintenance services. Actually this kind of product of electrode used can clean after a period of time, can also be replaced. Jinhu county cady, huaian, automation instrument equipment factory is the first instrument factory, main production and sales of electromagnetic flowmeter, such as magnetic flap level gauge meter instruments, pressure gauge, liquid level meter, temperature instrument, such as telephone 0517 - 86899897. http://www。 jswkybc。 com/
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