The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter converter the measures to prevent from lightning in hot summer

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-14
As the summer of 2015, lightning climate is becoming more and more frequent, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of high precision electronic digital type instrument, how to prevent lightning strike in the process of using and make the equipment damage, even cause great losses is need equipment management personnel pay close attention to problem, aiming at this situation, we specially write, puts forward some matters needing attention, each user can accordingly make reference to the instrument of the equipment to make the corresponding protective measures. As we all know, electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of precision instrument, is a kind of relying on the electromagnetic induction to work flow meter, mainly through the converter to provide stable field current electromagnetic flow sensor excitation coil, preamplifier will sensor induction electromotive force amplification, converted into a standard current signal or frequency signal, facilitate the flow of the display, control and adjustment. After the power part caused by lightning intruded into the burn out instrument. Lightning produced by the instrument electronics to produce at the same time with strong magnetic field induction, instantly generate strong voltage and current, breakdown of insulation meter burn out. Pulse wave through the wireless network caused by lightning intruded into the flow meter burn out communication chip or instrument. In the coming more summer thunderstorm weather, lightning and became the use of electromagnetic flowmeter big security hidden danger. Here are small make up to introduce the relevant electromagnetic flowmeter in summer thunderstorm weather how lightning protection measures, is not only need to pay attention to these matters in the thunderstorm weather, at the beginning of installation process must pay attention to these points, so as to prevention. * we first make sure that when installing electromagnetic flowmeter grounding on both ends of the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor, grounding rings must be reliable grounding, only good grounding protection, electromagnetic flowmeter to measure accurately, perhaps without the interference of environment, no grounding does not affect the flow meter measuring accurately, but once the environment changes, the flowmeter can steadily work accurately, so we're good sensor grounding protection during installation, create a good working environment for electromagnetic flowmeter. Then in order to ensure the normal use of electromagnetic flowmeter in thunderstorm weather, to prevent from lightning, we also need to do the following: for electromagnetic flowmeter 1, the power supply of 220 v alternating current (ac), one-way inside the meter box with air switch, lightning arrester and parallel connection, air switch wire out of the air switch followed by a three socket. 2, converter and sensor signals between cable length is not greater than 50 m, and the signal cable must use galvanized pipe casing wear. Such as galvanized pipe in the air, the wires galvanized pipe should be reliable grounding, grounding resistance less than 10. 3, lightning arrester grounding line cannot be more than 1 m in length, sectional area of greater than 6 mm multi-strand copper insulated wires. If there is no ground near, near the arrester simply as a network, a method is as follows: with three length of 1. 5 m plates or Angle, according to the regular triangle arrangement into the underground, the above three flat steel welded together in the flat steel bar, in one corner welding bolt, then the lightning arrester grounding wire connected to 220 vac lightning protection grounding line installation of flat panel. Above is embellish of instrument science and technology to teach you a few action effective way of lightning protection, other more about the instrument lightning protection measures and methods. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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