The application range of the ball float liquid level gauge and installation structure

by:KAIDI     2021-01-17
Ball float liquid level gauge is more common in the liquid level meter gauge industry testing instrument, due to its wide application field, agile and convenient installation, if is not the same as the supporting facilities within the floating ball and rod material, and can accurately measure all their properties of material of liquid level meter. To help many customers can apply float liquid level gauge is convenient as soon as possible, improve accurate measurement accuracy, a reasonable increase liquid level transmitter, could the goods especially to write this article. What ball float liquid level gauge of actual applications? Now people have to meet. First, people know a down ball liquid level gauge, the structure and principle of floating ball in the magnet and the controller ( The magnetic reed switch) Efficacy, make connected into the power circuit components ( Such as fixed value resistor) The total number of change is very big, so that the dashboard electronic control system of thermal volume changes. That is to say, to make the transition of the belt magnetic oil level sensor cause thermal quantity change. According to the amount of thermal transition to Jane internal liquid level meter is obtained by vessels. Ball float liquid level gauge for liquid level meter data signals output to the output resistance data immediately, can also cooperate with R - each other I float liquid level gauge converter, the output current ( 4~20mA) The data signal; If the customer must also be other data signal types, according to interact with other converter, output voltage data signals, and the power switch signal, In accordance with the distributed by the enterprise customer satisfaction converter) 。 To more than electronic remote control signal transmission and manipulation. Ball float liquid level gauge of goods features: wide application field, installation of a variety of forms, the right of all substances measured material liquid level meter, accurate measurement of the page with marked complete protective structure, good sealing performance, leakage protection, into the high pressure, high temperature, erosion under the standard level gauge measurement precision, high capacitance sensors, liquid level transmitter credibility set marked on the spot, far eastone transmitting, automatic alarm about integration and can adjust at will, functional two color marked with a luminous, continuous visualization, conspicuous, wide detection range, observe the bearing can be modified with good resistance to vibration properties, can into the work under the condition of the liquid level gauge rolling of simple structure, convenient installation, low maintenance with delicate magnetic steel corrector, casually on the school adjustable capacitance sensor material level meter liquid level transmitter should pay attention to several problems in using motor selection is not the same as tested material, capacitance sensor material level controller has a different form. Pointer to immediately identified various magnetic track transfeeder away or vessels under pressure liquid level meter height to width ratio, on the table with the mechanical equipment is common glass tube liquid level meter, it is not afraid of cracks, the more clearly, its applicable for laminated glass walls have viscous effect of oily be soiled kind of liquid substances or harmful hazard material immediately. Converter controlled by electronics modules, the installation within the terminal controller. Controller according to the magnetic steel magnetic coupling effect, the liquid level gauge transformation into the size of resistor, the converter transform for 4 & ndash; 20mA. DC specification electrical flow data signals, to UQK– 63 b type level gauge display or other dashboard again, keep long liquid ten digits/module and display information. Take maglev ball gauge to float components for accurate measurement of components, according to the liquid water buoyancy effect, the floating ball monitored to move up and down, pushing the plunger web side magnetic steel shift from left to right, up and down by the magnetic coupling effect, with a display unit with magnetic double column rotate more than tracking liquid level gauge transformation, so the display information, visualization, read values for display components measured matter thoroughly and protection, so the application can be trusted. The liquid level transmitter is suitable for all kinds of vessels, such as underground tank pool and is not suitable for side drilling vessels of liquid level meter display information, float level gauge, such as add facilities dashboard available far pass inspection, to maintain the automatic control system. With this kind of composition of synthetic ammonia liquid level transmitter high pressure liquid level meter test automation control system software for processing small basal manufacturing industry is a bottleneck problem for a long time, actual effect is remarkable energy saving and emission reduction.
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