Reasons, a magnetic flap liquidometer degaussing and production considerations of choose and buy

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-13
Need to use in the industrial production process of various types of instrumentation and control equipment, including various types of flowmeter and liquid level meter, electromagnetic valve control pipe flow and so on a process control system. Each kind of instrument is made according to the related scientific principles, with the development of science and technology, using the method of point continuously too. Outside the clip-on supersonic flow is applied the correlation characteristic of the ultrasonic, radar level gauge is closely related to the work characteristics of radar wave, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is the working principle of electromagnetic induction is used. In the field of liquid level measurement, there is a kind of instrument, simple in structure principle, applicable, convenient observation, belong to a more traditional liquid level measurement products, with the digital control system of form a complete set, it also got new development at the same time, this is where a magnetic flap liquid level gauge, magnetic level gauge just as its name implies is turning on the principle of metal magnetic measurement of liquid level. Specifically, magnetic level gauge turning structure theory was developed according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling effect, when the measured liquid level fluctuation of the container, tube of the magnetic float level gauge ontology is lifting, float in the permanent magnets by magnetic coupling to a magnetic column indicator, drive turned red, white double column 180 & deg; When the liquid level drops from red to white, double column when the liquid level rise from white to red, double column on the front panel of red and white magnetic flap junction is the actual height of the internal level. We know magnetic flap liquid level gauge is magnet magnetic objects due to the internal part of the small loop (for some reason Such as long-term will no magnetic iron in constant magnetic field) Get a certain arrangement, in one direction of total magnetic field strength is greater than the other direction, so magnetic. High temperature can make the magnet internal molecular motion increases, disrupting internal molecular arrangement, will lose the magnet magnetic, it was Madame Curie discovered, so the high temperature of the magnet demagnetization point is called the Curie temperature of a magnet. The demagnetization point made and used in the magnetic flap is a very important concept in the process, because of the existence of demagnetization points, so for all of the magnetic material, magnetic, not there will always be it is closely related to temperature. Generally, magnetic material has a critical temperature Tc, above this temperature, the intense thermal motion of the atom, due to the heat of the arrangement of atomic magnetic moment is chaotic. Under this temperature, the atomic magnetic moment order, produce spontaneous magnetization, become ferromagnetic objects. If the temperature is too high, will lead to float or double column magnetic degaussing. For users when buying a product needs to provide clear medium temperature instrument manufacturers, to determine chooses to use high temperature float. Magnetic level gauge degaussing turning about how we should deal with, can pay attention to the following aspects: first, high temperature type magnetic level gauge turning inspcetion inspcetion in use process will be a degaussing phenomenon, degaussing magnetic level gauge turning failure. High temperature type magnetic level gauge (turning Especially in high temperature and high pressure type magnetic level gauge turning) Its use is generally more than 180 degrees Celsius temperature. To avoid the magnetic components under the condition of high temperature demagnetization, ensure reliable work, measurable high temperature 500 ℃, high-pressure 10 mpa, in a position among the same industry at home. From the design point of view, therefore, to choose the appropriate hard magnetic materials. Such as the Curie temperature is higher than using temperature more than 20% and selected to ensure that five years later remanent magnetism second more than the critical value of magnetic materials, from the point of view of the production, processing and inspcetion should pay attention to the following: 1,, in the production processing stage must pay attention to the welding ( Argon arc welding) When cooling measures needed to avoid inspcetion magnetic CaiLiaoChu temperature more than Curie temperature of a magnetic material. 2, within the inspcetion instrument measuring tube filled with inert gases, Such as argon) ; Third, standing in the user's perspective, the need to do the following: 1, choose the proper type, when you order it to use magnetic flap temperature not to exceed the level of nominal temperature; 2, in use, to observe the conditions of the use of level gauge, Can work normally) , but also the actual temperature of the recording medium ( I have seen such a situation, the actual temperature tend to be higher than the temperature on the parameter list, design parameter table people may overlook certain factors ( In this paper, by gathering embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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