Radar level gauge safety energy saving new choice

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-29
Radar level gauge is the high precision of the grating measuring instrument, commonly used to water, chemical wastewater, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, strong acid, strong alkali liquor, white concrete slurry, mortar, and all kinds of meat products such as slurry oil level measurement, of all kinds of liquid substances in the decorative materials, chemical industry, petroleum, municipal, environmental protection, meat products, has applied in the pharmaceutical industry and other industries. Radar level of microwave antenna test very narrow pulse width and the pulse width at the speed of light in the space distributing, material surface under test, the parts of the kinetic energy is being scattered home, accepted by the same antenna. Test pulse width and accept the pulse width of the interval with the antenna to the spacing of the measured substance surface are related. Because radio waves, high transmission rate, pulse width and acceptance test pulse width time interval is small. ( A nanosecond level) Unable to determine. 26 g is a kind of radar level gauge to choose the unique processing technology, can accurately identify test pulse width and pulse width of the interval, deepening the measured material surface to measure the antenna spacing. Use: plant: oil storehouse, cisterns, exhaust gas purification tank, pump, engine cover, etc. ; Oil and gas fields, oil or refined petroleum products storage tanks, three-phase separator, sedimentation tank, waste water tank and water oil page, drilling mud tank, etc. Chemical industry: hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, such as etching oil chemical industry, petroleum distillation tower, raw materials and the inside hopper, reaction cans, ammonia tank, separation equipment; Water purification: cisterns, waste water pool, water purification tank, grit chamber, deep Wells, water for life, such as the Internet; Other: meat products, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, shipbuilding and other manufacturing, etc. ; 1, high precision, because radio waves not affected by environmental hazards, and radar level gauge and storage tanks, and all material without touching, so radar liquidometer even under extreme standard still can quickly and accurately determined. 2, the liquid material to be tested coverage microwave signal and monochromatic light, has the very good penetration, its scattering thermal efficiency depends on the conductivity of the material under test and the coefficient of thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity, the greater the scattering of the echo signal is higher, and so on biological characteristics of different liquid substances, such as harmful substances, irritating substance such as liquid and slurry, radar level gauge can acquire the determination of work to do very well. 3, Ann will be low because radar microwave transmission power of small, energy consumption can be metal container surface electrostatic shielding, so the use of radar liquid level gauge by place qualified small and no harm to the body.
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