Pressure transmitter up. the principle, type selection standard and factors influencing the price

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-05
Pressure transmitter is relatively commonly used in industrial practice, a sensor is widely used in various industrial control environment, such as petroleum, chemical industry pipeline field use special common, in many electric instrument class material purchasing, also belong to the common objects, to facilitate users less common mistakes in the process of selection pressure transmitter, the correct selection of instrument, this paper will through analyzing the common principle of pressure transmitter, analyses the transducer selection, combined with the previous purchasing case, compared to the parameters of the price fluctuation transmitter. Pressure transmitter with high precision instrument often appear in such equipment procurement scope, often with purchase quantity, the price is high as electrical instrument class main purchasing object, so the price of the control become a crucial point. Through the analysis of the principle of pressure transmitter, to understand the characteristics of its selection, through practical work experience in purchasing, find out the factors that affect the price reasonably. Pressure transmitter as a precision instrument, play an important role in the petroleum and petrochemical industry. Pressure transmitter can not only by some often use conversion into expected demand of electricity, also we can often use some of the amplifier. In the current industry in every field, from a functional perspective, the transmitter can be divided into integration of pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, liquid level transmitter, etc. In petroleum and petrochemical industry, the pressure transmitter with wide application, the use of common and other reasons, as the main object of shopping, this article will also pressure transmitter as main research object, the above the rest of the function of each transducer, in the later schedule will be on the interpretation and analysis of the characteristics. Pressure transmitter performance mainly in the petroleum and petrochemical pressure signals to the electronic device, commonly used by the AD conversion, reflect on the computer operation, for example, such as water, for example, with hydraulic pressure pressure signals to the electronic device, a corresponding current ( At present most of the current transducer is 4 ~ 20 ma) Through the corresponding algorithm formula, pressure transmitter converted pressure produced by pressure signal of current increases. Macro, pressure transmitter is to realize the size of the stress, pressure measurement sensor, again through the module circuit, realize the AD conversion, the available within the scope of the voltage or current. To the analysis of micro pressure embodies in integrated silicon pressure components, forcing it to compression deformation, leading to a bridge, get the corresponding current, voltage and the voltage, current is obtained by amplifying circuit will be early amplification translates into voltage or current can be used to use. Pressure transmitter according to the measurement using the point of view, can be divided into pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter. As the name implies, the former is a kind of pressure measurement, which is a measurement of pressure difference, however, on the principle of pressure transmitter is not can only use this function, can yan wade to other indirect measurement, for example, by two or a differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter to measure upper limit and lower limit, respectively, difference by electrical signals can reflect the liquid level height, but can be by intercepting components for the measured medium flow and density measurement, powerful expression function of pressure transmitter and the extent of use. Pressure transmitter can not only from the point of measurement used, can also be classified according to the structure of pressure transmitter size. Due to the pressure transmitter is in contact with liquid medium to be measured directly, consider using in petroleum and petrochemical industry, liquid is corrosive, destructive, precision instruments maintenance and other follow-up work, based on this reason, the pressure transmitter will be divided into general and isolation. General ink cartridge type pressure transducer is protected through zero transmitter of the endometrium and contact measured medium, and the isolation type pressure transmitter lining is sealed in silicone oil, as a kind of protection fluid is present in the bellows, and the contact of the measured medium is the outer membrane pressure transmitter, when the pressure measured medium in the outer membrane, membrane of silicone oil will protect fluid pressure is passed on to the general bellows, and the other point, isolation type pressure transmitter advantages compared with the general pressure transmitter is to will not press guide tube bellows room blockage, because often with a dirty substance measured medium, frequent can block the bellows as medium from the transmitter, even produce crystallization, thus forcing the medium pumped from a pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter that is bound to lead to can't normal operation, and even paralysis of large area, delay the construction period. Isolation type pressure transmitter usually adopts flange connection method, made the sensing diaphragm isolation type pressure transmitter into the device being measured, the crystallization of the congestion and effectively resolved, which cannot be measured medium extract. This kind of isolation transmitter outside bellows and measurement bellows from the connection form can be divided into remote transmission type and a size two. Far eastone is outer membrane box and measure the bellows, the separation of the whole middle by a capillary connection, can install with the transmitter on the scaffold, is advantageous to the maintenance; Bellows outside a size segregation pressure transmitter and transducer is subject to a monomer, installed on the device as a whole. Connection mode is simple, easy on the equipment and isolation type pressure transmitter to keep good matching thread, only need to form a complete set screw together. Because of all this, the advantage of isolation type pressure transmitter is not in question, the products are as good as its design and process are also different, this leads to the isolation type pressure transmitter is generally three to four times the pressure transmitter.
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