Pressure transmitter type selection and installation guide

by:KAIDI     2021-02-07
Pressure instrumentation in every field of the national economy has a very wide application. In the process of modern industrial production, pressure is a very important parameter. Pressure, temperature, flow rate and together referred to as the industrial automation control of three main factors. Therefore, in order to ensure the reasonable and reliable application of pressure transmitter, must be reasonable selection and correct installation. Today, to bring us pressure transmitter in the selection and installation of related information. Main selection pressure/differential pressure transmitting transducer based on the selection of main basis, temperature measured medium environment, precision grade, installation and maintenance cost Angle to think, to determine the transmitter used by the manufacturer and model number, according to the requirement of using range of the transmitter. Adjustable range when the choice should be followed up and down, the highest precision, the price is suitable for the principles of comprehensive consideration. 1. Measuring medium if measurement is relatively clean fluid, with a standard pressure transmitter can directly. As for the high viscosity measured medium easy crystallization corrosion occasion, you must choose isolation transmitter. What should be considered in the selection of its medium corrosion of metal bellows, must choose good bellows material, otherwise, use very short time after ask outside diaphragm corrosion will be bad, the flange will be bad cause equipment corrosion and personal accident. Transmitter of bellows material has ordinary stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 l stainless steel, tantalum bellows material, etc. 2. Range from choose transducer measuring range, general transmitter has certain range adjustable scope, it is best to use the range of scope in its range of 1/4 ~ 3/4, precision will be guaranteed, for differential pressure transmitter is more important. Practice some applications where the measuring range of transmitter is required for migration, at this time should be according to the installation location to calculate the measurement range and migration amount, and then carries on the positive transfer and negative transfer. 3. 's precision grade each meter accuracy, the accuracy grade marked but because of each country is different, such as China and the United States mark sensor precision is in the best part of linearity, also is what we usually call the precision of the measurement range of between 10% and 90%; While the target is the most bad part of the linearity, precision and is what we usually call the measuring range of 0% to 10%, and the accuracy of between 90% and 100%. The accuracy is 1%, such as the European sign in China mark accuracy is 0. 5%. 4. Pick up liquid material general pressure transmitter in contact with the medium part adopts 316 stainless steel, if the measured medium for 316 stainless steel corrosion, so basically all the pressure transmitter is suitable for the measurement of medium pressure; If measurement of 316 stainless steel corrosive medium, then USES the chemical seal, such not only can measure the pressure of medium, and can effectively prevent the medium contact with indirect liquid of pressure transmitter, thus protect pressure transmitter, prolong service life. 5. Output signal at present because of the various acquisition, now in the market pressure transmitter output signal has a lot of kinds, there are mainly 4 ~ 20 ma, 0 to 20 ma, 0 ~ 10 v, 0 ~ 5 v, etc. , more commonly used is 4 ~ 20 ma and 0 ~ 10 v two, and only 4 ~ 20 ma signal into two wire system ( Not including grounding and shielding line) , other are all three wire system. 6. Medium temperature due to the pressure transmitter signal is through the electronic circuit part of the transformation, so in general, the measurement of pressure transmitter for - medium temperature 30 to + 100 degrees. If the temperature is too high, generally USES the condensation is bent to the cooling medium. 7. After the other in determining these parameters to identify process connection interface pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter power supply voltage; If in special situations to consider explosion proof and protection class, etc. The preparation of 1 before installation. Check equipment: due to provide equipment and design manufacturers, model is not the same, so the need according to the range and way of design and installation as well as the material of technology medium requirements to determine various bits of the transmitter. 2. To determine the installation position: all kinds of series pressure transmitter to adopt the structure of waterproof, dustproof, and can be installed in any place.
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