Pressure transmitter to use when the choice which parameters

by:KAIDI     2021-02-07
Pressure transmitter to use when the choice which parameters firstly in choosing the parameters of the pressure transmitter needs to know that have, pressure range, range, the measured medium, installation threaded flange clamp and so on, the installation size, temperature, whether or not to bring, according to whether or not to bring a HART protocol, intelligent, output types, the output voltage or output current, explosion-proof grade, protection grade, whether or not to bring a installation accessories, mounting bracket. Pressure transmitter when the choice need to look at the following parameter 1, what kind of medium pressure transducer measurement, or the dielectric properties. Viscous liquid, the mud will be blocked pressure interface, solvents or corrosive substances will destroy the transmitter, accurately, will destroy the direct contact with the media material. These factors will determine what place in contact with the medium pressure transmitter and used material, or whether to choose direct isolation membrane. 2, pressure transmitter, the measuring range of the measurement range in the process of purchase, is one of the key, this affects the price. And then to determine the maximum number of measuring pressure in the system, generally need to choose a is larger than the maximum value 1. About five times the pressure range of the transmitter. Mainly in many systems, especially the water pressure measurement and processing, with peak and continuous irregular ups and downs, the instantaneous peak can destroy pressure sensor. Continued high pressure value maximum or slightly beyond the calibration of transducer will shorten the life of the sensor, it also can reduce accuracy. So you can use a buffer to reduce the pressure of burr, but this will reduce the response speed of the sensor. So should fully consider when choosing transmitter pressure range, accuracy and stability. 3, the ambient temperature range of pressure transmitter usually a transducer calibration two temperature period truly, one of the section is normal temperature, the other one is the field of temperature compensation, normal temperature fields is refers to the transmitter in task form not destroyed at the temperature field, in the field of outside temperature compensation can be short of the use of the function of the target. Temperature compensation field is a typical areas smaller than temperature fields. In this area the task the function of the transmitter will reach its goal. Temperature change affects its input from two aspects, one is zero drift, 2 it is to affect the full scale input. Such as: full range, readings, beyond the temperature field of full scale, reading in the field of temperature compensation, if do not have these parameters, will lead to uncertainty in use. Transmitter input to the degree of change is caused by pressure changes, or caused by temperature change. Temperature influence is to understand how to use one of the most complex local transmitter. Consider: power supply form, voltage, pressure pipe, Corrugated tube) Material, output form 4, the precision of the pressure transmitter, how much the company's largest precision can reach 0. 075% 5, what is the output in the form of mV, V, mA and frequency input digital input, select input of how depends on many factors, including the interval between transmitter and spare controller or display, can exist & other; Noise & throughout; Or other electronic disturb signal, whether needs to narrow, narrow device status, etc. On many short interval between transmitter and controller of the OEM equipment adopts mA input transducer is the most economic and useful treatment method. If demand will input signal is narrow, the best mining equipment has a built-in miniature transmitter. Far more about interval transmission or has strong electronic trouble signal best mA level input or input frequency. If the RFI and EMI target high environment besides wanting to notice to choose mA or frequency input will have thinking to special maintenance or filters. 6, the types of output in the form of a decision to choose what kind of 7, excitation voltage transducer timeout after task needs 8, whether to need to stick to solid degrees have the interchangeability of 9 transmitter, the transmitter and other electronic equipment adopt what kind of connection between 10, choice of sealing of transmitter, pressure transmitter, as long as understand these problems, all is simple and easy thing.
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