Pipeline application field of ultrasonic flowmeter and the relevant case description

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-01-05
One, in this paper, we briefly in recent years, the precise measurement of the various instrument equipment related technical rapid development, pipeline of ultrasonic flowmeter is mainly characterized by highlighting, pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter equipment product research and development and accurate measurement industry in constant development trend for depth, make the technical in the future of human production and clothing live line using has broad market prospects, the present stage pipeline are gradually being replaced by modern ultrasonic flowmeter capacity and supercharged steam flowmeter, into the work handover trade and the whole process of precise measurement of new love. China's high-end market is still the international brand of heaven and earth, only then the Chinese product research and development of the improvement of technical and in view of the attaches great importance to the technical, also caused many to consider the medium-to-high grade apply on the spot goods, multichannel tube sections of pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter in China's refined oil wholesale and oil in the work handover trade there are already many successful examples. For example, in cnooc bohai LVDA27 - 2 work area, cnooc Iran maysan oil block transmission metrological verification, cnooc - SAN tin LF7 - crude oil cooperation agencies The transmission of 2 pry the metrological verification has been put into use for success. Come only from the technical level is observed, because multichannel try to pipeline pipe ultrasonic flowmeter in the big traffic and specifications of the metrological verification are the obvious advantages, can not move, no extra work stress damage, and perfect its own diagnosis, free online maintenance characteristics of the save Labour when the province, in the capacity of modern type and supercharged couldn't keep the steam flowmeter, and it compared with other types of liquid flow score value than wide, therefore its gradually applied to the development trend of liquid hydrocarbon trade stand out. Pipeline principle of ultrasonic flowmeter and metrological verification problem of pipeline accurately measure the basic principle of ultrasonic flowmeter is based on time difference method, namely when the ultrasound in the spread of a material, will carry the information content of fluid mechanics, the spread of the acoustic frequency of data signals back and forth even if time cause subtle changes, the change of time direct ratio in water flow. Multichannel pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter is based on precise measurement is not as cold as said on the spread of accurate measurement and measuring time to time. On the basis of API5. Nine chapters directory know, the capacity of the ultrasonic flowmeter is different from the traditional type of steam flowmeter and the turbine flowmeter, it is to rely on electronic devices integrated IC indirect measurement and open to the public from estimates of single pulse, this is artificial service & other; Throughout the manufacturing &; A single pulse (related to the total flow 此时率) Because traffic single pulse and serial data signal is based on estimates, and thus the output data signal will fall behind on the characteristics of fluid mechanics, and after the solution of the data conversion, differential signal is will fall behind in the serial data signal statistics. Ultrasonic flowmeter on its internal said a few cold time accurate measurement of high frequency, because the fluid mechanics of liquidity has asymmetry, all minor traffic vibration and pulsation are inspection by steam flowmeter, may cause the steam flowmeter symmetry is caused the single pulse output ( As shown in figure 1) , and the information content is other traditional reflective steam flowmeter and reflect not to go out. And piston volume tube because several inches of the capacity of capacity is still well below the API recommended value, also have another piston displacement tube in the launch of the whole operation process and acquisition can cause traffic vibration significantly, thus piston volume tube can not be used to calibrate immediately pipeline ultrasonic flowmeter. In general, because the basic principle and characteristics of ultrasonic flowmeter itself exists asymmetrical single pulse output, thus caused the calibration value of volume tube capacity is great, the volume of large and medium-sized tube in production, application, delivery installation where there is a lot of trouble, especially in the Marine oil by the service platform and limited interior space and the net weight of cargo, are seriously hampering the development of the ultrasonic flowmeter in cnooc trend and application. Three, pipeline on the metrological verification by the ultrasonic flowmeter, according to API specification can ball according to the standard volume tube strongly recommend pipeline capacity to choose immediately calibration ultrasonic flowmeter. But because water standards of qualified, and not every new project use often have plenty of interior space to consider spherical volume tube, so want to be in business process for upgrading and developing trend of cnooc, be sure to have a method to deal with this problem. At this stage on the international use of precision such as proof of transfer basic theory namely & other Piston volume tube + standard steam flowmeter method & throughout; Can deal with ultrasonic flowmeter must volume tube problem of large capacity, fully consider dividing value category, specification of steam flowmeter with turbine flowmeter are highly recommended. In meter scale industry transfer basic theory, such as precision and total flow numerical transmission metrology must be considered only when the relevant basic elements, the application of steam flowmeter and metrological verification when traffic point in the same way, the same substance the same and the application of physics characteristics, steam flowmeter calibration and application in geometry characteristics in the same way, the steam flowmeter in the metrological verification and operation process of the whole application process again, then the total flow standard retrieval by the traffic system of units will be equal to precision of steam flow meter to work.
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