Look at the sensor classification of conventional and special performance

by:KAIDI     2021-01-21
Sensors vary widely, even for the same type of measured quantity also can adopt different working principle of the sensor, therefore, according to the need to choose the most appropriate sensors. Flow sensor factory engineer said: because of environment, medium, operating principle, output signal, such as varieties differ in thousands ways, have different characteristics. Pressure goods used to noodles wide, in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy profession has been widely used. 1, according to the sensor operation principle of classification, can be divided into the resistor, capacitor, inductor, semiconductor, etc; 2, according to the sensor chip classification, can be divided into scattered ceramics, silicon, sapphire, etc. ; 3, from the scope of measurement classification, can be divided into the differential, table press, certainly press, etc. ; Introduced several see more pressure transmitter: 1, dispersed silicon pressure transmitter: quality mature ripe slim volume, low prices, gage pressure measurement as the main stream, and a few absolute pressure, the relative lack of capacitive resistance to overload ability is poor, no corrosion differential pressure can be selected, micro range low accuracy; 2, ceramic pressure transmitter: : the price is low, but low accuracy, range and do not choose, in a wide range is only applicable to gauge pressure measurement; 3, sapphire, pressure transmitter, the primary advantage is the ability to measure high temperature medium, the sensor's temperature coefficient is small, the lowest temperature drift in this a few kinds sensors. Sapphire can maximum range to 160 mpa, and maximum range of the dispersed silicon 35 mpa; 4, strain type pressure sensor: low cost, low sensitivity, low frequency echo, drift for a long time, there are some advantages on measurement in a wide range; 5, quartz crystal pressure sensor: : high frequency pressure sensors, pressure specific request applies only to the aerospace measurement; 6, sputtering thin film pressure sensor: high temperature resistant, safe, reliable, but as a result of a domestic flow sensor technology and skills do not pass, goods quality is not stable, foreign, this commodity is used in military, prices are very precious, rare domestic applications. Sensitivity refers to the sensor under the condition of steady work output delta y to input changes the ratio of delta x. It is a input output characteristic curve of the slope. If the sensor show linear relationship between output and input, the sensitivity of S is a constant. Otherwise, it will change along with the change of input. When the output of the sensor, input amount of dimensional phase at the same time, the mean sensitivity to a certain extent, magnified multiples. To improve sensitivity, can get high accuracy of measurement. But the higher the sensitivity, the measuring range narrow, stability tend to worse.
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