Liquid level transmitter to change the status quo to do innovation development

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-23
Liquid level transmitter to change the status quo needs to be done to the innovation development of liquid level transmitter instrument development present situation in our country at present, too much rely on the traditional technology of traditional instruments and meters, although can temporarily meet the demand of nowadays the development of the society, but there are still a lot of problems, the instability of the product and the problem such as short service life, the traditional technology can not get updated, although the problems of production, but also bring inconvenience to the enterprise. Eliminated by international can say some of the traditional technology has for many years, but still continue to use at home, which in a certain period can bring fatal blow to instrument and meter industry. Professional talent shortage, as you all know, there are very few in our country university attaches great importance to the instrument and meter industry course, on the instrument training there is a serious problem. Due to the practical research and development of liquid level transmitter, but practice in learning is rarely, if ever, will inevitably lead to the talent in this aspect, it gives its development brings the serious influence can not be ignored. Followed by backward technology, domestic instrument USES the technology have been eliminated in the past, this to the development of the enterprise, not only on the cost increase, also is the root cause of curbing its innovative research and development, only from the bondage of backward technology, can better catch up with the international development, liquid level transmitter can have a better future. Is not willing to invest capital, although the instrumentation industry to bring great benefits to the instrument, but most companies are not willing to put money into the instrument innovation, but blindly follow the old, innovation is not a thing, is a national technology, I think, it will inevitably become the important factors that hinder its development. So while the liquid level transmitter industry growing fast, liquid level transmitter in xian factory also stand out in many enterprises, but the development of the future will still through bumpy, still can not be ignored the basic problems in the enterprise development. With the continuous development of science and technology, liquid level transmitter table industry also followed the pace of information era towards the development of the intelligent network era. Combined with the advance of computer technology, network technology and development, modern industry liquid level transmitter to the PC or workstation as the foundation, through a network to constitute a practical measurement and control system, improve the production efficiency and sharing of information resources. The future development trend of instrument and meter industry in China has four: 1, with the continuous development of the microelectronics mechanical technology and mature, and the lower the price, its application fields will also continue to increase, so the miniaturization is one of the future development trend of the liquid level transmitter. Liquid level transmitter will not only has the function of traditional instrument and meter, but also in the field of automation technology, biotechnology, medical play a unique role. 2, in the future, the liquid level transmitter will be much more functional. This kind of multi-function integrated products not only in performance than the special pulse generator and high frequency synthesizer, and on various test function provides a good solution. 3, artificial intelligence is a new field of computer application, liquid level transmitter will further development, the future will contain certain artificial intelligence, instead of one part of the mental work. After the application of artificial intelligence in the liquid level transmitter, it not only can solve the problem of the traditional method is difficult to solve a class of, can also be used to solve the traditional way can't solve the problem. 4, with the rapid development of network technology, network technology is gradually to the industrial control and intelligent instrument system design field penetration, new technology industry will be the future transfeeder fusion, in order to realize the network. The concept of network level transmitter is to break through the traditional concept of measuring instrument, the concept of network is the instrument, the exact Outlines the networked development trend of instrument. Age in progress, technology in the continuous innovation, more waiting for human to explore unknown areas, liquid level transmitter industry will be driven in the Internet age, toward the direction of more intelligent high-end.
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