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by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-25
As a kind of precision instrument, intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is paid attention to in the daily use of maintenance, to ensure that it can work stably. Now has quietly come in winter, the temperature drops, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is said to be a test. Problem is not big, in winter in the south to the north of winter, with the temperature drop, when the measured medium by measuring the pipeline for a transmitter, often appear low temperature freeze occurs, the phenomenon such as coagulation, precipitation crystallization, due to environment temperature is too low and beyond the normal working temperature range of instrument used, directly affect the accuracy of the meter display. And pressure, flow, liquid level, temperature and other kinds of instrument, the measured medium is liquid, more affected by low temperature, it is easier to cause measurement error, severe cases may cause the safety accident such as poisoning, fire, explosion, have to make us attach importance to it. So winter comes every year, for the work of instrument thermal antifreeze to treat as a top priority of maintenance work. Early and a few large instrument users have more ready to deal with, such as power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, water and so on all make the instrument suitable for your business warm antifreeze work system, and the instrument of antifreeze, sewage treatment and so on various aspects of work. Below, we come to the instrument user how to instrument warm winter antifreeze explained the main points of the work need to pay attention to. Must complete instrumentation antifreeze, product selection is a key, in the early stage of the installation instrument, instrument, users should consider the instrument's working condition choose type instrument with insulation device. According to the category of the instrument use and installation location, proposed the instrument insulation antifreeze requirements, submit again with manufacturer to deal with. Flowmeter with insulation heat preservation heat preservation measures, the use heat preservation material will be the part of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is frozen or afraid of frozen wrapped up. Winter comes to check, often drainage, packing heat preservation material against breakage. A, steam heating measures: namely using tube steam heating insulation. Winter heating to check before send steam steam heat pipe was clear or blocked. Good steam is 24 hours, don't be too hot, sometimes according to the weather temperature changes to adjust for the steam heat preservation rate, in order to prevent the temperature is too high to make transmitter led condensate vaporization pressure tube transmitter work or because of the low temperature transmitter led tube condensing surface frozen influence work flow transmitter. Second, insulation protection measures: a, electric heat pipe thermal insulation box, by three parts, such as enclosure, heater, instrument bracket component, the structure form and protection case is the same, the difference is in the box is equipped with electric heating device, a thermal device is composed of electric heat pipe, temperature controller, body side with socket, when switched on, the heat in the oven to the required temperature, then by the temperature controller connected to the power supply continues to heat up. Through repeated work to keep the temperature in the cabinet can be within a certain range. The constant temperature heater main parameters: (1), rated voltage 200 v. 50Hz; 2, 300 ~ 500 w power rating; (3), control of temperature can be customised by users; (4), constant temperature heater can also be made explosion-proof type; 5], there are three kinds of electric heat pipe material: brass, carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe. A, steam pipe thermal insulation box, with heat pipe is made from metal tube S type structure. Casing wear plate and welding type joint and heat pipe welding and become, with heat pipe installed on the box as the top down out, through steam within the lumen of the heating cycle to achieve. With heat pipe materials generally fall into two kinds, namely copper pipe, seamless steel pipe ( Carbon steel) 。 B, as the key instrument box to add a layer of heat preservation cotton, at the gate of the incubator and in and out of the pipe mouth add glue sealing, can achieve better instrumentation system heat preservation anti-freezing effect. Three,. Maintenance measures 1, installation measures reasonably select installation location: drip dry, no rain and snow. 2, check measures conditional daily for thermal insulation material was damaged, steam pipe blockage confirmation for technology and technical treatment. 3, alarm measures conditional can be mounted to the steam leak or small power status of sound and light alarm device, to facilitate heat preservation antifreezing measures of discovery and timely treatment. 4, inspection measures by regional instrument maintenance responsibility according to the scheduled inspection route inspection regularly. Inspection to check whether the insulation pipeline valve normally, incubator is normal, hydrophobic device is normal, heat preservation material packaging components are in good condition, electric heating power supply is normal, etc. In nonpolar device instrument for key inspection and make inspection records, instrumentation and its insulation anti-freezing measures in dry, full, clean maintenance, timely resolution of an on-site with thermal dissipation of heat preservation. Heating want to have a check before send steam heat pipe was clear. In the winter when it's often check, often drainage, to prevent the thermal insulation pipe plug, once there is blocked, it is easy to be frozen, that time is in big trouble, ha ha. Sometimes to adjust steam supply quantity according to the temperature change, prevent high temperature made of cited condensate vaporization pressure tube transmitter in the transmitter. Embellish of instrument science and technology as a * * electromagnetic flowmeter production process instruments manufacturer, has been on the interests of the user supreme principle, to provide users high quality, stable performance of products at the same time, also can timely users in the use of the problems in the process of actively to provide technical support. This paper released by embellish instrument science and technology in finishing.
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