How to properly solve the common failures and reasonable maintenance turbine flow meter sensor parts

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-02
The flow of turbine flowmeter is a kind of high precision measuring instrument, precision can reach 0. Level 2, and even higher. Measurement of fluid can be used in many occasions in the process of installation and use more detailed and careful, small make up for all summed up the following base to maintenance requirements, can be used for better instruments and prolong the service life of the help. In the process of use and maintenance of turbine flowmeter sensor should pay attention to do the following: 1, the use of turbine flowmeter sensor should maintain the cleanness of measured medium, does not contain impurities such as fiber and particles. 2, with the filter should be cleaned regularly, need not when should clean the internal medium, as well as sensors, dustproof set, placed in a dry place preservation. 3, turbine flow sensor need not when, should be clean inside medium, dry and after on both ends of the sensor and protective cover, prevent dirt to enter, and then placed in a dry place preservation. 4, the maintenance period of turbine flow sensor is usually half a year. Maintenance when cleaning, please note that you are the measuring chamber of damaged parts, especially in the impeller. Please watch the orientation and the position of the impeller when assembling. 5, turbine flow sensor, at the beginning of the use should be to slow sensor with medium, and then open the outlet valve ( The valve should be installed in the back-end flow meters) , the sensor is in a state of no medium is strictly prohibited by the high velocity impact. 6, before the installation of turbine flow sensor, with my mouth to blow or hand dial the impeller, make its rapid rotation observations have showed that sensor installation again when have shown. If no display, should check the relevant parts, troubleshooting. Turbine flowmeter common failures and solutions failure may cause the solution to the normal of fluid flow phenomenon is no show, the total counter of no 1. Check the power cord, fuse, function selection switch and signal lines have break or poor contact 2. Check the internal display, print, contact elements such as presence of poor contact 3. Check the detection coil 4. Check the internal fault of sensor and the 1 - 3 items were confirmed normal or has ruled out fault, fault phenomena, but there are still to show that the fault sensors inside circulation channel, can check whether the impeller touch sensor inside, presence of foreign bodies stuck, shaft and bearing have sundry jam or fracture is 1. Used to express some troubleshooting point 2 ohm. Fault check printing plate can be used to replace & other; Alternate version & throughout; Method, the fault board a detailed check again 3 need to be replaced. Completes the detection coil in the sensor location mark in the table body, unscrew the detection head, use iron under the detection head moving fast, if the counter does not increase, should check whether there is any break on the coil and the solder joint sealing off 4. Remove foreign bodies, and clean or replace the damaged parts, after his recovery, blowing or hand toggle impeller should be friction-free, should check again after changing the spare parts such as bearings, a new instrument of not reducing traffic operation, but flow show a gradual decline in 1. Filter blockage, if the filter differential pressure increases, sundry has block 2. Valve on the flow sensor section appears loose valve core, valve opening reduced by 3. Sensor impeller by sundry obstacles or bearing clearance to enter foreign body, resistance increases with the slow slow 1. Remove the filter 2. Whether the handwheel from the valve regulating effective judgment, confirmed to repair or replace 3. Sensors to clear, when it is necessary to check the fluid does not flow, flow display is not zero, or unstable display value 1. Shielding grounding, a transmission line interference signals mixed with display input terminal 2. Pipeline vibration, the impeller jitter, 3 produce false signals. Cut-off valve closed lax caused by leakage, in fact, the instrument shows that leakage of 4. Display the internal circuit board or electronic components between metamorphic damage, the interference of 1. Check the shielding layer, if they have a good grounding 2 display terminal. Before and after reinforcement line, or in the sensor with 3 stents to prevent vibration. Repair or replace the valve 4. Take & other; Short-circuit method & throughout; Or item by item, one by one check, judge the interference source, find out fault point display and experience value evaluation have significant value of 1. Sensor circulation channel internal fault, such as fluid corrosion, wear serious, sundry obstacles make impeller rotation disorder, instrument coefficient of leaf is impacted by the corrosion or change, at the top of deformation, affect the normal cutting lines, detecting coil output signal disorders, instrument coefficient changes: the fluid temperature is too high or too low, shaft and bearing expansion or contraction, too much clearance changes bring an aberration of the impeller rotating instrument coefficient change. 2. Back pressure sensor is insufficient, a air-pocket, affect the impeller rotating 3. Pipe flow reasons, if not install the check valve in the reverse flow by-pass valve is not locked, with a larger leakage sensors upstream velocity distribution distortion: ( As a result of upstream valve fully open) Or pulsed liquid viscosity caused by temperature change is bigger, etc. 4. Display internal fault 5. Detector in the permanent magnetic material and element aging excitation-loss, magnetic weakened to a certain extent will affect the measured value 6. Sensor through the actual flow it is more than the flow range 1 - prescribed by the sensor 4. Find out the cause of the problem, find countermeasures 5 for specific reasons. Replace the lost 6 magnetic components. Replacement of appropriate sensors
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