How to correctly use the gas turbine flowmeter measurement artificial coal gas flow

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-02
In this paper: in the city gas pipeline for gas flow measurement work directly reflected the working efficiency of the fuel gas administrative department, is a task for the related department assessment is an important indicator. Xi 'an a user to select the RZ - my company production LWGQ type turbine flow meter as measurement instrument examination, is the ideal production results have been achieved. The company works is to give priority to with area measurement appraisal, plan appraisal is complementary distribution, promote the service station installed closed measurement for the inspection, our company provide gas turbine flowmeter with its stable and reliable performance, to increase efficiency of the company played a very good product technical support, the following to play role in the artificial coal gas application of gas turbine flow meter and the corresponding technical problems to communicate with friends, hope to help you improve efficiency. * first briefly describes the working principle of the turbine flowmeter when measured gas flowing through the flow time, turbine blades under the action of fluid kinetic energy begins to spin, the sensor of the electromagnetic field changes periodically. Within the scope of a certain flow, the speed of the turbine blade is proportional to the fluid volume flow, thus produced is proportional to the flow basic electrical pulse signal, the processing of the signal by the low-power preamplifier, into the single chip microcomputer measuring system. After a series of calculation, the revised on the LCD screen display instantaneous flow and cumulative volume flow volume. As long as the flowmeter in the correct installation and normal maintenance condition, can be carried out within the range precise measurement, and has a lower initial flow. This feature not only ensure the measuring accuracy when the residents normal gas, and can measure flow of small resident gas resources. For application in the artificial coal gas turbine flowmeter has the following conditions: 1, the application of the actual effect the following practice on the part of the city for the supplied area total table ( Turbine meter) The difference in value and the user table charge work to the inspection area, analysis the network running status. Gas regional characteristics as follows: (1) gas peak and slack, the flow rate change is very big, has wider range than the requested the table. (2) gas resources flow is very small, sometimes only a few residents gas cookers, requested the table has a very low initial flow. Therefore, both must balance ceiling flow, but also in not lost when the small flow volume, to improve the range of total table than gas area, choose the turbine flowmeter. After installation of turbine flowmeter in 1999, compare count and charge for scale, the average rate of 14 per month. 7%. After the inspection found the following problems: (1) appendix pipe without breaking; (2) there is low precision, large range of gas meter. (3) to steal phenomenon. To solve these problems after rectification, average rate drop to zero in 2000. 65%. 2, application problems and countermeasures in the application of existing problems are: ( 1) The measured medium turbine flowmeter for clean. Artificial coal gas, such as purification, coal tar and naphthalene, etc. , will seriously affect the measurement accuracy. In this table is run only half a month in winter malfunction and not count, after apart, it found severe corrosion bearing, spring coil. ( 2) Power outage capacity loss. The countermeasures to solve the problem: ( 1) Reasonable maintenance plan: according to the corrosion situation and decide, winter half a month, other season can be slightly longer, 1 ~ 2 months) 。 In addition, the sensor in the work, the impeller speed is high, even in good lubrication, wear and tear is still produced, in use after a period of time, the bearing should be replaced and calibration again. ( 2) Add oil filter ( See figure 1) 。 Its working principle: when the gas into the tanks after purification by baffle into the oil, the artificial coal gas in the coal tar, impurities such as dust, naphthalene, sulfide dissolved in oil, from the return on the gas in the oil after stainless steel filter into the meter. After adding oil filter meter not only stable running, and keep the accuracy. Equipped with turbine flowmeter in 1997 more than 600 households of the city, installing a dreiser table, the two oil filters, after nearly 5 months of contrast experiment, effect is good, the instrument has a good stability and no failure happened. This table compared with dreiser table, total error within 1%, can meet the requirements of the city. ( 3) Strengthen the knowledge of measurement to patrol personnel training, running through the data analysis of each day. ( 4) Lithium battery can generally be used continuously for one year, but to ensure that the meter and stable operation, can't change again until the batteries. According to my company technical personnel for the gas metering department staff training, through a series of product application practical application case, we believe that: as long as strengthening maintenance and management, make reasonable maintenance plan. Add oil filter, maintain clean gas. Gas turbine flowmeter can be well applied to the artificial coal gas.
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