Flowmeter selection gist for sewage flow measurement and product features analysis and study, On)

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-17
For sewage treatment in the current industrial production has become an important matters, as countries for attaches great importance to environmental protection, all industrial sectors require prior to discharge of sewage for harmless treatment, strict control of industrial wastewater pollution for the environment, it is not only beneficial to the people to the requirement of environment protection, and is of great significance for an enterprise to obtain the future development opportunities. In this paper, the author in the study of an industrial park, to be applied to many in the process of sewage treatment for the flow measurement instrument, in the practical work, in order to ensure that the benefits obtained and the improvement of quality of work, need technical personnel, strengthen the sewage flow measurement to improve the control precision and reliability. Treatment such as pumping renovation project of sewage flowmeter and the installation of the sewage flow meter in the process of selection, the author as a * *, head of the flowmeter selection and use of some inspiration. Based on this, this paper mainly analyzes the common several kinds of sewage flow meter, and its installation problems arising from the use process, and specific analysis, and illustrates the related content of type selection design and processing technology, so as to provide reference for future related work. 1 electromagnetic flowmeter lectotype design electromagnetic flowmeter development in the middle of the 20th century, and in the seventies and s is widely used in industrial production process. Its operation principle is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, that is perpendicular to the lines of magnetic force measured medium flow direction, and in a direction perpendicular to the medium flow and magnetic field lines are on the induced electromotive force. Inductive electromotive force and the measured medium is direct proportion relationship between flow, flow rate and pipe cross-sectional area can be used to draw the instantaneous flow. The electrical conductivity of water is one of the precondition of electromagnetic flowmeter can work normally, wastewater contains a large number of impurities and salt, has a certain electrical conductivity, so the electromagnetic flowmeter measurement can be used in sewage. For the pure water, cannot use of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement. The use of electromagnetic flowmeter advantage of high precision, stable measurement, wide applicable scope, can choose types according to the electrodes and the lining, can also be used to complete the measurement work in bad medium; Defect is vulnerable to electromagnetic interference, pipe diameter, the greater the price is more expensive, and large diameter electromagnetic flowmeter is not easy to tear open outfit, maintenance difficulties. 2 ultrasonic flowmeter is the working principle of ultrasonic flowmeter, using time difference measuring principle, the transmission signal by a pair of ultrasonic probe through the intermediate medium to reach another side wall, by another probe to receive, on the other side of the probe emission signal is same * first probe to receive. In the process, as a result of the signal transmission time is affected by medium velocity, therefore, there is a certain time lag. Based on this, the ultrasonic flowmeter with related formula to calculate the corresponding flow value. In general, the ultrasonic flowmeter can be divided into external clip-on and insertion type two kinds. As technology constantly updated, upgrade, ultrasonic flowmeter by ChanSheng Road to sound more road development, at present, the commonly used ultrasonic flowmeter is 8 sound road, its precision can reach the level of electromagnetic flowmeter, can overcome the problem of poor installation conditions. If the meter before the straight pipe length can not meet the installation requirements, can be installed more than ring road ultrasonic flowmeter. Ultrasonic flowmeter with automatic data storage, high measurement precision, the whole Chinese display, operation is flexible, convenient to carry. Compared with the electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter (installed on the big diameter Especially in the big diameter of more than 1 m) Have obvious advantages, and the construction difficulty is not great, relatively low cost, convenient maintenance. At present, our company has installed two 8 channel ultrasonic flowmeter, the operation is very stable. However, the drawback is that plug-in ultrasonic transducer ultrasonic flowmeter installation are influenced by the composition of medium, the applicable scope is limited; Transducer is in use process will be aging, affect signal strength measurement, reduce the accuracy of measurement; When the measured medium impurities or bubbles, also can appear unable to measure. In practice, the park has two factory installed the ultrasonic flow meter. Limited by the installation condition, flow meter installed in the pump discharge 2 m place, pump starts, the flowmeter signal strength reduced to 0, pump stops, the signal strength for 100. Thus it can be seen that ultrasonic flowmeter much affected by medium bubbles, bubbles cannot normal use. Outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter and installation is convenient to carry, measurement test unit as a standard measuring instruments (often Generally for imported products) Flow than to work in the field, but the degree of coupling between transducer and the pipe materials heat resistance, high temperature be sound transmission flow speed of raw data is not complete, and the influence of transducer power strength, easy to cause the flow meter not work properly. If long-term use in site installation, the probability of failure is bigger, therefore, should be replaced periodically flowmeter coupling agent, and tighten the tube outer wall of the transducer. The clip type ultrasonic flowmeter we don't consider using. ( This article unfinished, full contents on the next page)
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