Description of large diameter water meter to realize reasonable scheme of on-line detection of calibration

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-22
City tap water company and the general commercial trade settlement in water supply industry, such as outsourcing water, raw water mixing, the water treatment after sold phase of the normal use of large diameter water meter. At present, the water supply industry often USES the on-line flowmeter with electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, insert type turbine flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, orifice flow meter, etc. , because there are many advantages of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement, so the use of electromagnetic flowmeter has been very common in water supply industry. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter because it has small volume, light weight, easy to remove, high accuracy, large measuring range, Pipe diameter measured 13 to 6000 mm, large flow rate is 32 m/s, the fluid temperature in - 40℃~200℃) Especially have many advantages, such as charging function, can work in the field, convenient for far from the power station to carry out the inspection work, the need to be flexible transformation measurement site work environment is very convenient, also is loved by the masses of users. Flowmeter in the long-term use process, to ensure the stability of the test results, you must regularly test for flow meter. Several kinds of flowmeter as mentioned above, however, some large, some inside the pipe installation, if you want to check, need to be removed to national big flow test stand, laborious, very inconvenient. And because of the large diameter flowmeter metering pipeline by many are all-weather work, not to water for a long time. Makes if really want to achieve, you must have enough spare to replace detected flowmeter of the flow meter, for there is a lot of in the work of the state of the flow meter of water supply companies, to put up a lot of money to buy spare meter, to the periodic verification schedule of water supply enterprise hard to do. Therefore, the on-line measurement of large diameter flowmeter is a technical problem urgently to be solved in water supply industry. Because of large diameter flowmeter is often used in water supply industry trade settlement of basic measuring instruments, its business is directly related to the accuracy of the measurement data of the economic interests of both sides, so large diameter flowmeter online testing and calibration for the water supply industry has very important significance. A, online testing, calibration principles and methods of large diameter water meter clear water reserviors volume method, the method is based on clear water reserviors as a standard container, in a certain period of time records through online flow meter, synchronous record the change of water level of clear water reserviors and calculating the increase of quantity of clear water reserviors ( Or reduction) , compare with online flowmeter of the flow rate and the change of quantity of clear water reserviors, with the latter as the standard value, calculate the error of flowmeter online, and then adjust the online meter coefficient, in order to achieve the purpose of the test, on-line flowmeter calibration. Standard table comparison method, this method is in large diameter flowmeter online pipeline is installed on a standard table, synchronous record through online the flow of large diameter flowmeter and the standard table, with the latter as the standard value, calculate the error of flowmeter online, and then adjust the online meter coefficient, in order to achieve the purpose of the test, on-line flowmeter calibration. Clear water reserviors volume method is accurate and reliable, but the detection efficiency is low; Standard table method, by contrast, is easy to realize automation, so as to improve test efficiency. At present, in addition to the individual enterprises to the clear water reserviors volume, most of the enterprise is to adopt standard table method to implement the on-line testing and calibration of large-caliber flowmeter. In the standard table method, the water supply enterprise universal portable ultrasonic flowmeter as standard table, because of the portable ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of external clip-on, and the flow of a portable measuring instruments, more suitable for large diameter flowmeter online testing and calibration. Its principle is: will higher accuracy of the portable ultrasonic flowmeter as standard equipment, installed in the pipeline to be tested on the test, then put the portable ultrasonic flowmeter and the data of test meter to synchronize, according to the comparison result can be calculated by the error of the meter, and then adjust the coefficient of test meter, detected flowmeter and the portable ultrasonic flowmeter show traffic data is consistent, to achieve the result of calibration checked flowmeter.
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