Brief in the production of turbine flowmeter in cable manufacturing cost saving method

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-22
Turbine flowmeter is a kind of flow measurement which has been widely used in industrial production of flow meter, as part of a suite of turbine flowmeter, turbine flowmeter connection cable is related to the turbine flowmeter is an important elements of measuring precision. And with the rapid development of national economy and the progress of technology, to promote domestic industry development, the market for wire and cable products put forward the requirement of high quality and low price. Reality of the market need to push the production enterprises and related research institutes to study the existing conventional products, fully tap potential, to create greater economic benefit. Usually do we know that the turbine meter cable are round, and mostly used in wire and cable in the market now are using this form, but the circle of crosslinked polyethylene insulation wire core when cabling is to fill the gap with filling materials, virtually increased the cable diameter, also increased the process after the material consumption. If the conductor fan, fan-shaped insulation wire core cable after just form a circle so that it can greatly reduce the cable core cable filler material, but also reduces the cable diameter, reduce process after the material consumption, thus reduce cable manufacturing costs. The cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable ( Hereinafter referred to as the crosslinking cable) Conductor is multi-purpose circular press stranded conductor, the structure of the conductor in the insulation extrusion and multicore cabling in process control and operation is relatively simple, but the circular insulation wire core when cabling is to fill the gap with filling materials, to ensure that the roundness of the end product appearance after cabling. This increase in cable auxiliary materials at the same time, also increased the diameter of the cable, virtually increased process after the material consumption, increased the manufacturing cost of the cable. In the new national standard cable due to cancel the original provisions of cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable conductor for the limitation of circular press, considering all the additional materials consumption, if the conductor fan, the fan comes round after insulation wire core cable, it can not only greatly reduced the cable core filler material, at the same time reduces the cable outer diameter, the process after the material dosage can also reduce, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of the cable. A, cable manufacturing technology key according to the turbine flowmeter in the above situation, the corresponding cable structure is designed. The key issue is due to the fan conductor radius of curvature of the surface outside less than with the cross section of circular conductor, causing the local electric field intensity of adjacent insulation layer is higher, to better solve this problem, must optimize the fan conductor cross section design. Crosslinking cable semi conductive shielding layer and insulating layer extrusion for three-layer co-extrusion, the conventional circular press conductor three-layer co-extrusion its eccentricity is not easy to control, not to mention the fan conductor three-layer co-extrusion, the technology difficulty cans be imagined. We groped after many repeated trial production, design a set of three layers co-extrusion die, thus solved the fan conductor insulation extrusion technology difficulties. Second, the cable product process tooling design and test for fan conductor when plastic power cable insulation extrusion is usually single extruder, generally can be directly used circular tubular mould. And insulation extrusion of CCV unit as three-layer co-extrusion, rubber flow state is more complex. In order to obtain the good insulation shape, must adopt the appropriate mould. Anhui all special cable co. , LTD. Has adopted the following four test plan. 2. 1 die core die sets are all made of the fan, squeeze the actual found after extrusion, although the wire core and die are fan, but out of uneven thickness of insulating layer, the insulation thickness of the small fan wings, in the fan surface of insulation layer thickness is larger, the result is insulated wire core fan less obvious appearance, and close to round. Analysis the reason that extrusion mold the molten rubber pressure exists in the port, and due to die in the fan make uneven pressure at the exit, the turbine flowmeter in the quantity of glue on the cross section is put in bigger difference, causing the fan become circular shape is not obvious. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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