Three minutes to understand bend flow meter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-05
Instrument and meter plant 3 minutes to let you understand the bend flow meter: since July 1911 Jacobs and Sooy published in the journal of power and gas in the United States the first bend flow meter study the use of a new method of pipe bend flow measurement ', a large number of domestic and foreign scholars have been studying this kind of flow measurement technology, proposed many theoretical perspectives and accumulated a large number of experimental data. But before the 1990 s, due to the pipe bend processing technology and the limitation of space testing technology, etc, make the bent pipe flowmeter of the flow coefficient of the discrete, measurement accuracy is low, cannot satisfy the requirement of industrial application. Compared with the traditional flowmeter, such as rotor flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, nozzle flowmeter, etc. , they all have big, range than smaller pressure loss and flow fluctuations in large impact on the accuracy of measurement and some other disadvantage. Bend flow meter has the merits of small pressure loss, high measurement precision, difficult to jam, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, for enterprises to save energy and improve economic efficiency, reduce maintenance cost has a huge advantage. So since the 1990 s since bent pipe flowmeter technology breakthrough in China, the elbow flowmeter in thermoelectric, metallurgy, petrochemical, gas and oil and gas storage and transportation and other industries were more and more extensive application and popularization. Measurement principle of the bent pipe flowmeter is a differentia pressure type flow meter, is the principle of centrifugal force caused by fluid flowing through the bend sensor to measure the fluid flow. When the fluid flows through the pipe bending, due to the constraint bend, forcing fluid in syphon similar circular motion, according to the theory of fluid forced vortex, fluid as a circular motion to follow the laws of the similar to solid state operating circular motion in the space. Syphon flow in circular motion produced by centrifugal force, the size of the centrifugal force and the quality of the fluid velocity, fluid ( Density) And make a circular motion curvature radius and other factors. The effect of centrifugal force makes the fluid on the curved pipe, the lateral pressure difference, to measure the differential pressure value can be calculated the pipe fluid flow, and then calculate the fluid flow rate value, this is the basic measurement principle of the elbow flow meter. Elbow flowmeter of the flow measurement sensor is a 90 & deg; Right-angle bend, it does not have any insert parts, is to rely on when the fluid flows through the elbow by measuring the size of the inertial centrifugal force generated by the inside the outside of the pressure difference of fluid flow, no additional throttling or insert parts, can reduce the power consumption of the fluid in the pipe. Bend flow meter is clever use of the characteristics of pipe itself, without any increase in any of the choke and throttling and intermediaries, the use of pipeline natural turn, at the same time solve the problem of the flow measurement, is both a pipe, and flow meter, adjust measures to local conditions, improve the occasion, get twice the result with half the effort. It retains the advantages of traditional differential pressure flowmeter, overcomes the shortcomings, to avoid the any caused by measuring & other; Side effects & throughout; And & other Complications & throughout; , to achieve the perfect unification of transmission and measurement. The advantage of the bend flow meter because of the bend flow meter has the merits of small pressure loss, high measurement precision, difficult to jam, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, its application in petrochemical, thermal power, coal chemical industry and other fields spread quickly. Summarizing the advantages of elbow flowmeter, mainly manifested in the following aspects: the pressure loss is small, energy efficient bend flow meter compared with ordinary type throttle orifice meter pressure loss is reduced greatly, so more energy efficient, due to throttling flow of pressure loss is as high as the pressure difference of 70% to 80%, in order to achieve a particular design parameters, can only increase the inlet pressure, it is extremely unfavorable for equipment, but also reduce the economic benefits. If the bend flow meter, install it in the pipe 90 & deg; Corner, can be used to replace 90 & deg; Elbow, and no other insert and throttling element, rely mainly on fluid flowing through 90 & deg; Elbow inertial centrifugal force generated by the to measure the same cross-section of inside and outside differential pressure and flow rate is determined. So in addition to the fluid flows through a pipe bending place to have a small pressure loss, the entire process will not generate throttling losses, also can reduce power consumption, suitable for application in the big flow rate, pipe diameter, low pressure in the project. Range than the big bend flow meter range than the big, also can apply under the harsh environment. Bend flow meter range than up to 1:
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