The main characteristic of inventory anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter and installation considerations

by:KAIDI     2021-02-20
The anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter is made from imported chips. Special cable, the equipment is adopted to prevent dewing special technology processing, the wrap tightly and reliable, equipment to make full use of advanced linear circuit and temperature compensation technology, stronger anti-interference ability, measurement more accurate, use of good stability, can be directly put into water, oil and other liquids ( Including the corrosive liquid) Medium to normal use. The main characteristics of 1. The advanced technology of removing, its unique temperature drift coefficient is plus or minus 0. 01% fs /℃( Special type can be up to + / - 0. 005% fs /℃) 2. Current limiting protection function, and in 4 ~ 20 ma output polarity connection, also say that do not distinguish between are negative. 3. High precision: up to 0. 1% 4. Prevent condensation process, reliable sealing 5. Zero point and full working hours to be able to in the external regulation, 6 range controllable scope is wide. Strong anti-interference, applies interference 7 industrial environment. High resolution, high impedance, low power consumption 8. Optional sensor chip ( Please refer to the spectrum chart) 9. Measuring accurately, good long-term stability of the zero adjustment range is - 8% ~ + 20%, the range adjustment range is 30% ~ 100%, continuous adjustable ( Adjust the end, to cover hermetic seal and screw down the) 。 Zero and range has been calibrated before they go out. It is important to note that the calibration is based on the user side medium density ( When ordering from user side medium to provide) 。 If the user does not provide the proportion of medium side, we will be calibrated according to the proportion of water) 。 Due to it is difficult to exactly the same as that of using conditions of calibration conditions, so the full instructions may be different. Therefore, after installation of static water level transmitter, under special circumstances can be full correction. Anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter installation note: 1, the correct connection by a graphic method. Preheat the output signal is stable and reliable in about 10 minutes. 2, to enhance the anti-interference ability of components, the attention needs to be shielded wire connected to the measurement and control instrument line. 3, suitable for stainless steel, ceramic non-corrosive medium ( Except special anti-corrosion type) 。 4, the pressure of the system under test must not exceed predetermined overload value, the transmitter back pressure end with conductive or corrosive liquids or gases are interlinked, check the level of conductive cable seal gas porosity cannot be blocked. At the same time, can not damage the liquid level transmitter of cable, otherwise will cause damage to equipment; Check check the probe part fall off, otherwise easy to damage the chip. 5, it is strictly prohibited to will be sharp and hard object into the input hole pressure, tablet transducer diaphragm shall not be with any object collisions. 6, after all, the anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter of precision instruments, not a professional may not arbitrarily to remove, so that can avoid damage of components.
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