The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter collection operation troubleshooting methods

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-14
Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter has been widely as a production should flow measuring instrument, in use process will be touched the use problems, check a malfunction in the electromagnetic flow meter in our engineering and technical personnel to master a set of system test, will help us to quickly and effectively solve the fault. According to embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. In the engineering department under the summary of experience for many years, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter troubleshooting method summarized as the following: resistance method. Current method; Voltage method; Alternative method; Analog signal; Waveform method. Method: ( 1) Flow meter power fuse, excitation insurance on and off; ( 2) The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter signal cable, excitation cable on and off; ( 3) The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter excitation coil on and off and resistance; ( 4) The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter excitation coil insulation resistance to the ground; ( 5) Electrode symmetry measurement; ( 6) Electrode insulation resistance to the ground; ( 7) Flow resistance of power transformer. Current method: flowmeter measurement output current, field current and voltage method: judgment work power, alternative method: if the flowmeter converter, swapping amplification board, analog signal method: using analog signal generator provides flow signal, to test the flow sensor, waveform method: familiar with the route based on the test waveform key intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter check content as follows: appearance inspection, the converter characteristic test, measurement calibration, measurement of each voltage, measure the insulation resistance, confirm the circuit, etc. Meter check adjustment because of the zero drift, zero point is very important ( “ Online zero & throughout; Must make stops flowing measured medium, actually is not easy to do) 。 Online inspection, therefore, are often omitted contains a check of the operation of the sensor and only implement the converter calibration, so that the online test results and historical data comparison instrument is to continue to use, repair, or update, the excitation coil of sensor is measured insulation resistance degradation decided to update or not. Through online check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon on validation of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter. To can't stop medium flow pipeline check the flow sensor and converter respectively, with analog signals and other common instrument testing converter has higher calibration accuracy ( It depends on the analog signal accuracy) , liquid resistance sensor examination is to test the electrode, including check the excitation coil excitation connecting cable and copper resistance, insulation resistance and check, the excitation current converter output check the indirect methods, such as magnetic field intensity. To stop the pipeline medium flow conditions, from the preset hole into near the sensor, check all the electricity and lining/sedimentary conditions and cleaning. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter machine zero check: the tube filled with liquid flow sensor measurement and no flow, at the scene of the many companies do not have this condition instead of zero check and adjustment of the machine, but can be turned to the converter separate zero check and adjustment. Technically, this must be the sensor check finished and to ensure that the sensor excitation circuit and signal circuit insulation resistance is normal, All include cable) Premise is of practical significance, otherwise the machine cannot run normally. Normally converter single zero negative value also is very small; If the * * is greater than 5% of full scale will need to do first check, wait for after confirm the reason to be adjusted again. Usually intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter zero point of the machine and converter single zero difference value is less than 1%. Greater than 5% of the zero difference values have many case the user in the closed pipeline valve caused by incorrect zero operation under adverse conditions. Content of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter connecting cable inspection: the inspection is to check signal and field lines each core conduction and insulation resistance, check whether the shield grounding in good condition. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter converter inspection: the inspection content is to use general instrument and meter type of analog signals instead of sensors to provide matching flow signal is zero and calibration. Calibration including zero check and adjustment, value examination, excitation current, current/frequency output check, etc. It is important to note: check project should check with the last value ( Or the factory value) Comparison, analysis its whether there is a change or change is in line with the original measurement requirements. The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter sensor check: check the excitation coil copper resistance; Check the excitation coil insulation resistance; Check the electrode liquid resistance; Check the electrode polarization between liquid/voltage; Check the signal circuit insulation and insulation between excitation circuit/signal circuit. In this paper by embellish instrument co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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