The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter and their measurement electrode of daily maintenance and maintenance

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-15
Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a major instrument in the history of innovation, it is developed based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, basic working principle is to measure the cutting lines of magnetic force in magnetic field movement conductive medium, can produce inductive electromotive force in conductive medium, induction electromotive force by a pair of electrodes is converted to a measuring signal detected and through the integrated circuit board. Used to measure the volume flow of conducting liquid and slurry in a closed pipe, such as clean water, sewage, all kinds of acid and alkali salt solution, slurry, pulp, pulp and liquid food, etc. , plays a role in the industrial production of many of the industry. As a kind of high precision degree measuring instrument, the length of its working life and whether we can properly maintain and maintain the relationship with considerable. Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. As a * * manufacturing electromagnetic flowmeter and provide corresponding technical support of instrument production enterprise, has own unique experience on this point, the following about the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter maintenance knowledge to share with you: 1, daily maintenance, only need to make periodic visual inspection instrument, check meter surroundings, remove dirt, ensure no water and other substances, check whether the connection is good, check the instrument have new clothes strong electromagnetic field near equipment or have new wire across the instrument, if the measured medium easy contamination electrode precipitation, scaling, or within the measuring tube wall cleaning scales, cleaning should be done regularly. 2, troubleshooting flowmeter launched after a period of time or normal was put into operation found that operation of the instrument should be * check meter external conditions, such as power supply are in good condition, pipe leakage or in the full package condition, whether there is air bubbles inside the pipeline, signal cable is damaged, the converter output signal ( After the instrument input circuit) If open circuit. Bear in mind that blind overhaul flow meter. 3, converter inspection such as judge is converter fault, through inspection under the condition of external causes no problem, contact with electromagnetic flowmeter, manufacturers usually adopt the method of replacement of circuit board to solve. Maintenance measures of electromagnetic flowmeter in stop state. One, zero check and adjustment of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in operation before, after electrify must in the electromagnetic flow sensor with fluid under stationary state adjust the zero point. After put into operation or to use condition periodically stop flow for zero check; Especially on precipitation, easy pollution electrode, the cleaning liquid containing solid phase, at the beginning of the run should be checked, in order to obtain experience to determine the normal inspection cycle. Ac excitation method compared with the rectangular wave, electromagnetic flowmeter are more likely to produce zero drift, so more attention should be paid to check and adjust. Second, the regular inspection sensor performance * first, rough measure of electromagnetic flowmeter resistance between electrodes. Disconnect between the converter and signal connection of sensor and sensor inside fluid-filled, to the two electrodes and grounding resistance value is measured with a multimeter, e. range is in the factory, and measured by two values the same. Record the * time measured resistance value, after this value to judge the sensor failure reason ( If sediment is conducting or insulating) Is useful. Secondly, the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor emptying liquid, wipe the lining, after being completely dry megohm meter was used to measure the resistance between the two electrodes and earthing terminal. , check the excitation winding insulation resistance, sensor excitation coil, terminal and converter indirectly line by megohmmeter measuring insulation resistance of the coil. Electrode for the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is one of the important core components, the service life of the electrode will influence the normal operation of the entire electromagnetic flow, is to measure the electromagnetic flowmeter measurement performance and service life of a as one of the key factors. Generally speaking, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter sensor electrode is installed on a measurement on either side of the wall perpendicular to the magnetic field, measuring electrode generally need to direct contact with the measured medium. But there are special circumstances exist, in some special environment, in order to avoid the electrode is measured medium pollution, can choose type capacitance detecting electromagnetic flowmeter, put electrodes in measuring pipe lining, not directly contact with the fluid medium, so also known as electrodeless electromagnetic flowmeter. Can say if the electrodes are not normal use, will also affect the overall performance, so how to prolong the service life of the electrode? * daily must first develop a good habit of the operation of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, including before the operation electrode, using electrodes after the charge, and so on. For example, in USES the measured should pay attention to keep the electrode clean, good day is can be rinsed with distilled water, and the liquid water is clean, so as to better ensure its performance, if you want to put away your electrode for a period of time to use, so good be taken of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, at the same time be careful not to make some of her pickup electrode, or some other hard objects to collide, be careful not to make the electrode to damage problem. At the same time, with a special electrode set the whole electrode set up, is a can be added to a saturated solution, so you can better ensure that its electrodes. Electrode as an important element in instrument measuring device, we usually use make sure it is clean sanitation, ensure the normal order of the electrodes can guarantee the stability of the whole flow meter in a normal working condition, to ensure that flowmeter can have a long use life. 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