Technology series instrument product application fields of deepening and expanding

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-24
Instrumentation industry as the indispensable part in the production of the national economy, the enormous effect in many fields it is understood that in the past, because the domestic instrument and meter industry overall low level of science and technology, crude production conditions, the supply of products tend to be production enterprises have many problems when using, and lead to affect the enterprise production, in order to ensure production, many industries use imported equipment, import instrumentation equipment is common, serious blow to the domestic instrument market. But with the technology level of China's industrial production is increasing day by day, the science and technology on the domestic also gradually introduced by domestic instrument production enterprises, the domestic instrument is steady and rapid development of industry, the domestic many enterprises instrumentation products have catch up with or close to the level of the domestic enterprise, as a typical representative are: magnetic flap liquid level meter, ultrasonic flowmeter, radar level meter, intelligent pressure transmitter, etc. , so, now more and more industries have also started to choose local instrument, broke the old tradition of import. Instrument industry is a seemingly minor, but its role is one of the most important industries, can be reasonable use is good exists in the development of reason, embellish of instrument science and technology as a * * instrument manufacturers and service providers, the production of various kinds of instrument products ( Magnetic flap are specific varieties liquid level meter, ultrasonic flowmeter, radar level meter, intelligent pressure transmitter, etc. ) Is also widely used by all walks of life, to a great extent, play to its own value, and to promote the development of the country's economic and the improvement of science and technology play its own energy. The continuous development of instrument industry and its importance in industrial production, more and more industry saw his influence on promoting economic development. Coupled with the national policy for the support of the industry, as well as the area began to select one of the industry as the key to develop a target. The rapid development of the industry compared with before, there are obstacles is that national policy environment is good, but driving is difficult, for the industry many enterprises are aware, relative to other domestic instrument technique, there is a considerable gap between the domestic production enterprise technology, the presence of these inhibitors, are to some extent hindered the development of the instrument industry, the road is tortuous, the future is bright, so in the long run, the development of the overall situation, instrument industry is still have broad prospects for development. At present, the instrument industry followed the footsteps of China's economic development, also followed the steps of domestic technology level in constant progress and development. Had big development goals, with a progressive momentum, with the support of many users trust, also increases the embellish of instrument science and technology innovation power, power will be able to move forward, the progress is the future. Technology co. , LTD. Stands ready to work together with our customers, and strive to innovation, hard work, the obstacles on the road, constantly overcome development earnest walk every step of development, strive for instrument industry prospects.
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